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Should we really be worried about World War 3?
20th April 2017

Some say that we could see World War 3 this year, as political tensions are rising. With America and Russia’s disagreements over Syria and  North Korea feeling threatened by Trump’s aggressive stance, could we see another global conflict so soon?

A third world war could potentially be quite devastating, and it would change the world forever. The second world war ended in 1946, 71 years ago from now, but the horrors of war never disappeared. With the likes of Vietnam, the Falklands, Korea, Iraq, Syria – some argue we’ve been in a third world war state for decades already.

Personally, I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily true. Each of those conflicts have their own reasoning and took place in fewer locations. Global warfare would mean that it manages to spread itself across most of the world over the same dispute. Don’t think that it would be anything like your trashy Call of Duty titles though – the reality would be quite scary, and a lot more destructive than WW2.

Syrian War Ruins

(Image: Independent)

Are we prepared?

I’m sure our governments have taken the thought of global conflict into serious consideration already, and likely have been doing so since the cold war. I’m sure the world leaders could sort themselves out just fine. Us commoners, however, we may not be so lucky. Unless you’re a millionaire, you’re going to be stuck in the fallout. I doubt anybody has funded some kind of real-life Vault-Tec for us all to use.

In 2015, an underground nuclear bunker in Savannah, Georgia went on the market for a whopping £11.5 million, and is said to be able to withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear explosion. It’s quite luxurious too, with solar paneling for power, hot water, humidity controls and some pretty decor inside. It even comes with a kettle, so you can sip your tea whilst the world above burns to a crisp.

How devastating could it be?

Today’s leading nations boast a huge arms of nuclear weaponry. Ironically, such weapons have been the biggest peacekeepers since America felt forced towards nuking Japan, ending the second world war. Nobody wants to see them used on humans again, and hopefully nobody is ever going to need to. The destruction that Hiroshima and Nagasaki faced was minor in comparison to modern standards.

It may never come to that, since the only national power that threatens to use such arms so openly is North Korea. Despite recent propaganda videos depicting the destruction of Washington through nuclear weaponry, reports claim that they’re not as powerful as they say. A lot of North Korea’s technology is apparently outdated and a lot of their warheads could be fake – used solely for scare mongering.

North Korean March

(Image: Daum)

How worried should we be?

Currently, I wouldn’t be too worried. A mystic claims that a global conflict will take place between May and October this year, but take it with a pinch of salt. Nobody can predict such an event unless there’s some giant conspiracy and it’s already planned (which it isn’t).

North Korea are just flexing their muscles after Trump’s aggression, and with any luck nothing will come of that. Especially since America’s aircraft carrier was never actually heading towards their territories anyway.

Russia may well be on the other end of the stick with America regarding Syria, but I doubt either are interested in conflicting with one another. The worst they’ve had so far is a war of words, stating they’d defend from one another’s aggression. Let’s keep it that way for now, just words.

All in all, I think we’ll be okay for now. A slightly rich statement at this point, since tensions are still rising, but I’ll keep you updated if things make a turn for the worse.

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