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Smart glass will replace buttons in future car interiors

12th April 2017

The focus on autonomous cars seems to be strong, but smart glass interiors are the next new development. However, are we ready for them – or would it be pointless at this point in time?

While our cars are being developed to drive themselves, engineers are also looking at giving their interiors a reworking. Glass is going to be the next big thing, apparently. Flat glass, curved glass, touch responsive glass – there’s a lot of different kinds to go around. Audi’s chief designer, Marc Lichte, has gone as far as stating that our car interiors will eventually lose ALL buttons.

Touchscreen interiors

Car Interior Touchscreen

Panasonic’s screen-heavy dashboard concept. (Image: Telegraph)

Automobiles with touchscreen interiors are a common sight in fictional sci-fi movies, but this could become a reality. Lichte was the designer behind the h-tron concept which was seen at Detroit last year. It consisted mainly of touchscreens. The previous week, Panasonic displayed its concept cabin at the CES in Las Vegas. It consisted of three flat screens – two curved ones and two head-up displays. One for the driver and one for the passenger.

Let’s just remember though, that glass is a pain to work with. It’s not easy to keep it clean. Dust and grime is easy to spot on it from all angles. There’s also the issue of knowing if the right part of the screen has been pressed, or if you even pressed it at all. Unlike buttons, you can’t be 100% certain you pressed it or not, not without it distracting your driving.

Do you think touchscreen car interiors are the way forward? Or do you think they’re too pretentious?

Source: Telegraph