Snake on a plane: Serpentine stowaway caught in action
9th November 2016

In true Hollywood style, a scaly stowaway was found in the cabin of a plane among its passengers. The only thing missing was Samuel L Jackson.

On sunday (6th November) the green serpent suddenly made an entrace on an Aeromexico flight from the northern city of Torrion to Mexico City.

Mobile phone footage has emerged which shows the snake seemingly struggling its way down from the luggage compartment above, before making a drop half way to the cabin floor.

Understandably, passengers unbuckled and made clear as it then finally dropped to the floor. They then kept it trapped between rows 5 and 6, using blankets that were provided by a flight attendant.

The pilot then radioed ahead and was given priority to land in Mexico City, touching the ground within 10 minutes. After all passengers had left from the rear of the plane, animal control came in and took the snake, which wasn’t venomous, into custody.

This isn’t the first event involving snakes on a plane in real life. Back in 2012, an Egyptian flight was forced into an emergency as a deadly cobra was caught hitching a ride.

Source: Telegraph


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