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Sony has now ended shipping of the PS3 in Japan
31st May 2017

It’s been expected for a while now, but the PS3 is getting harder to get hold of. As of last week, Sony ended shipments to Japan, marking an end to the console’s lifespan.

The PS3 was first released in Japan 11th November 2006, just a little over a decade ago. It feels quite strange really, since in my mind it’s still fairly recent technology. Retailers such as Bic Camera, Sofmap and Yodabashi are no longer listing new units in stock. The console will be considered an antique soon, as this massively adds to its worldwide discontinuation.

PS3 Games

Some of my old favourites. (Image: YouTube)

Since its launch, over 80 million PS3 devices were sold which almost brings it even to the 84 million its competitor, the Xbox 360 sold. Microsoft’s 360 was discontinued in 2016, so Sony has had that little bit of extra time to catch up after it was initially behind on figures. This was mostly to do with its fairly extreme asking price, which was a massive £445 here in the UK. That’s a fair bit more than the more recent PS4’s launch price, since I got mine a year after launch for £275!

Rest in Peace, PlayStation 3 (2006 – 2017)

While the Xbox 360 was notorious for its downfalls, such as the horrifying “red ring of death”, the PS3 didn’t run across many issues as such. Where my Microsoft friends went through at least 3 Xbox’s, my PS3 still goes strong to this day. The hard-drive has filled over time, but its nothing a small hardware upgrade can’t resolve. The subscription-free online system was great too and saved a chunk of money. Xbox live didn’t seem much at the time but it still added up after a few years.

Red Ring of Death

The PS3 rarely ran into issues such as the Xbox’s “Red ring of death” (Image: Digital Innovations)

There is one feature present within the PS3 that I think they should have kept for today’s PS4. The need to pay a subscription to PS Plus just so I can play online needs to go. It seems a bit steep, since I already pay enough for my WiFi connection as it is. The free games and all that is a nice addition but they’re never anything special. I understand server maintenance, but I often find that all the features of PS Plus are quite useless. All I want to do is play with my friends. Why am I paying extra for that?

Many gaming moments were experienced on this great console. It’s sad to see it go. Sony seem to still be supporting it’s PSN store for now, with some PS3 software still scheduled to release. However, it won’t be around too long so make the most of it.

Source: Sony


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