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All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology
20th October 2016

Elon Musk, the Chief Executive at Tesla Motors, has said that from now on all new Tesla vehicles will have hardware implemented that allows them to be fully autonomous.

The company bids to be the very first among its many rivals to have fully working self-driving vehicles on the road. This is expected as early as the end of 2017 with vehicles that can drive in full autonomous mode from “Los Angeles to New York” without having to even touch the steering wheel.

Bare in mind though, that Tesla are known to set ambitious deadlines beforehand, only to let timetables slip. Rivals have said to have set a more “realistic” target of 2019 through to 2021.


Tesla Motors Model S.

The new Model S and Model X electric cars are said to be being produced with the new hardware which includes 8 cameras, 12 updated sensors and a radar with much faster processing.

Musk claims that the autonomous vehicles are “twice as safe as human drivers” but federal and state regulators in the United States are proposing new standards so they can keep some control over the development and deployment of such vehicles.


Elon Musk, Chief Executive at Tesla Motors.

Tesla has struggled the last few months as its stock price has fallen, the recent death of a Tesla driver using the company’s autopilot system, prompting an investigation by safety regulators as well as the decision to acquire money-losing rooftop solar developer SolarCity Corp. However, the company is expected to raise more cash from capital markets within the next 12 months.

Source: Yahoo, The Guardian


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