Tom Hiddleston could be the next Bond
2nd March 2017

It’s no secret that Daniel Craig’s time as the secret agent icon, James Bond who goes by his code name 007, is at an end. Starting back in 2006 in the franchise reboot Casino Royale, Craig’s predecessor should become clear to us anytime soon.

There has been some controversy regarding the next Bond. Idris Elba was a top pick a few years back, who despite being an absolutely brilliant actor, got a lot of backlash simply because he isn’t white like all previous Bonds. That sounds really racist to be honest, but realistically I guess a man suddenly changing race between films wouldn’t make much sense for continuity. Who’s to say that 007 always has to be the same guy though? After all, it is a code name for a man’s role at the end of the day. It would most definitely work.

Since the franchise was rebooted, maybe Elba could reprise Sean Bean’s role of 006 instead? (Image: Fandango)

However, one of my personal favourite picks for the next 007 is the one and only, Tom Hiddleston. I’m not alone in this either, since he became quite the hot topic for the role after he starred in BBC spy drama “The Night Manager“. Hiddleston returns in an action packed starring role for the upcoming “Kong: Skull Island” where he plays James Conrad, a former British officer who served in the Vietnam War.

In a way, this could be considered an indirect audition to be the next Bond. Kong: Skull Island‘s Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and producer Alex Garcia were both asked on the red carpet of the premiere if they felt Hiddleston had it in him to be the next double-0 agent and they responded positively, explaining he’s a phenomenal actor and that he could do anything.

Kong: Skull Island is released on 9th March, starring Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson (Image: Express)

It seems that with such a wide range of acting talent, others feel that it’s the reason he shouldn’t get the role, going as far to say that he’s simply just too good for the role.

Time will only tell before we know who will be taking up the role. Hopefully sooner rather than later, it has been long enough now.

Source: Express


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