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Could Twitter be the new “Television”?
27th April 2017

Twitter has revealed plans to air video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Essentially like television, except through its app or website. Could this trigger a chain of events that kills television as we know it?

Twitter already plays host to certain live shows such as Bloomberg, Buzzfeed and live sports. However, CFO and COO Anthony Noto reveals plans to make live video content stream 24 hours a day.


(Image: Tech Crunch)

The reason I ask if this could kill TV is because people seem to spend more time online than they do watching the tube nowadays. You can access social media anywhere on most modern devices. It has much more appeal now than TV in this day and age. Then again, look at BBC Three. A TV channel that switched to internet only, and now I never  really see anybody talking about it – unless they’re still complaining about its switch.

The real question is, can they pull off 24 hours worth of worthwhile content that will keep people occupied? With talks of 24 hour news and information channels, we’ll have to see at the time. If it works out, the rest of the social media world will undoubtedly follow on too, making it the new norm.

Source: Tech Crunch


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