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Effortlessly making the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

19th October 2016

It’s not all that difficult to whip yourself a full English breakfast, but have you ever thought of making the lot into a sandwich? Waking up to this in the morning would certainly make your day.

Equipment wise all you will need is a sandwich press but if you don’t have one of those a frying pan will do just fine. A video is provided below with a text recipe as well if you prefer. As always, feel free to mix it up a bit to your liking.

Ingredients :-

  • 3 Rashers of Bacon
  • 1 Hash brown
  • 1 Egg
  • Spinach/Lettuce
  • Sliced/Grated Cheese
  • 2 Slices Bread
  • Mayo
  • BBQ Sauce

Method :-

1. Firstly turn the sandwich press on so that it heats up. (Alternatively you can use a fry pan)

2. Place the hash brown onto the sandwich press and start cooking for about 2 minutes.

3. Add the bacon and cook until your preferred preference (Crispy etc.), 5 minutes was long enough for me.

4. Remove both the hashbrown and bacon and place to one side.

5. Start to cook the egg.

6. While the egg is cooking assemble your sandwich however you like.

7. Cook sandwich until the bread is crispy.

8. Serve and Enjoy!

Not the healthiest of meals but still a damn tasty one. You can replace the bacon with ham if you prefer as it works just as well or a tomato relish would also be a fine replacement for a tomato slice if you prefer.

Source: Lazy Ass Meals