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The value of Diesel cars is set to Plummet
7th April 2017

Diesel cars are set to plummet in value, after Government initiatives are wanting to reduce the UK’s air pollution. This drop could be as large as 40% – not good to news for those selling their motor.

According to average estimates, diesel cars could be dropping in value by around £3,000. This means most drivers won’t even be able to sell their cars. They’re also set to be smacked by a toxin charge which is being rolled out across the UK to tackle pollution. This pollution tax could be as much as £20 a day for driving in up to 35 towns across the UK.

Diesel Cars London

I feel bad for London drivers right now. (Image: Metro)

It doesn’t end there

Not only this, but Diesel cars will face increased parking cost and increased car tax rate. These new rules came in on April 1st – not a very good April fool’s joke really. You’ll be hit hardest if you’re a London driver, since mayor Sadiq Khan announced an additional charge. Diesel vehicles on entering Central London will have to pay a daily £12.50, with plans to expand this in 2019.

In short, if you’re a diesel driver then you’re in for a financial beating. It’s all for the greater good and the environment though, right?

Source: Express


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