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Who will headline Glastonbury in 2019?

22nd August 2018

This year saw Glastonbury take a rest from it’s usual mammoth music festival, which makes us all the more eager to know who will be taking the reigns for the pyramid stage next year!

Well, we simply can’t wait to find out so we’ve had a little discussion in the office on who we think could be on their way to headlining Britain’s BIGGEST music festival.

As you probably already know, Glastonbury only uses the biggest and best in popular music, regardless of their genre. With this in mind, here are the three acts we think stand a good chance:

Kendrick Lamar

Glastonbury is no stranger to a rapper taking the headline spot, as we’ve seen Jay-Z headline in 2008 and Kanye West headline more recently in 2015.

Kendrick has been making quite the name for himself, to the point he’s already headlining Leeds and Reading this year! There’s only one way to go from here, and that’s up.

Lamar has never appeared at Glastonbury before, so for him to headline would be one hell of a debut. However, since his last album, “Damn“, was released in 2017, he may have plans to start on his next studio release in the summer of 2019 instead.

Having said that, I’m sure he could make some space for a headline position at Glastonbury if asked!

Kendrick Lamar

Image: EDMTunes

Arctic Monkeys

It would come as no surprise if the Sheffield lads in Arctic Monkeys were given a 2019 headlining slot for Glastonbury. They’re no strangers to the position either, after headlining the Pyramid stage in 2007 and 2013.

By the time Glastonbury 2019 comes along, it would likely be marking the end of their “Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino” tour cycle. What better way to end it than headlining the UK’s largest music festival? Go out with a bang!

Arctic Monkeys

Image: YouTube

Elton John

You could say Glastonbury has been short on the “classics” or “veteran” acts as of recently. Elton John would be perfect for filling in this gap for some.

After announcing his “Yellow Brick Road” farewell tour, there probably isn’t much time left for Sir Elton John to command the Pyramid stage before he’s retired, so 2019 would be a great opportunity.

The man himself doesn’t see himself as a Glastonbury act, but with enough persuasion that could change and he seems fairly open to it, so we’re keen to see him as one of 2019’s headliners!

Elton John

Image: nbcsandiego

So there are our hopeful predictions for the three headliners when it comes to Glastonbury 2019. It’s okay if you don’t agree, as there’s a wide pool of other potential acts that could dominate the Pyramid stage instead.

Other acts that have been rumoured to headline includes the likes of The Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift, Stereophonics, ABBA, Calvin Harris, Stormzy, The Strokes and Madonna.

Who would you like to see headline Glastonbury in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

Edit: To our surprise, British rapper Stormzy is our first Glastonbury headliner. I didn’t think he’d made a name enough for himself to be headlining such a festival quite yet… but it is what it is!