Windows Vista is at its end
17th March 2017

If you still use Windows Vista, it’s time to start thinking about moving on like the rest of the world. After 10 years as an operating system, Microsoft are finally hitting the nail in the coffin and will be ending its support.

As of April 11th, any Microsoft are no longer going to be offering support to any Windows Vista users. This means any crucial security updates will no longer be available, so if you are still using it (for some weird reason) then you’re going to be on your own if anything goes wrong.

In short, your computer will still work and function as it should do with Vista installed but you’ll be very vulnerable to viruses without Microsoft giving out any more security updates to keep on top of hackers. A lot of newer software and hardware is likely not to work with it either since manufacturers keep their products optimized for the latest builds.

Windows Vista Box

Not many people were fans of the XP follow up and refused to upgrade to it for a while. (Image: Lifewire)

Windows Vista wasn’t exactly a popular operating system even upon release, so why you’re still using it baffles me. Your best option would be to just upgrade to Windows 10 like over 400 million devices worldwide have already done so. Some systems may not be able to cope with Windows 10 though, so upgrading to the previous operating system, Windows 7, would be your best bet.

Just don’t stick around, it’s not very safe to be using an unsupported operating system especially if it has crucial personal information on it.

Source: CNBC


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