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Dealing with Covid-19 in the UK

What a decade we’re starting with. I didn’t expect a global pandemic, yet here we are. Let’s just get straight to it – here’s all the advice we’ve been given on dealing with this damn virus in the UK.

I’ll try keep this updated as much as possible, and please point out any inaccuracies if you believe there are any. We’re taking this very serious, and so should you. We will beat COVID-19 together.

Don’t use this article as a citation for anything. We’re finding out more as we go along, and this could quickly become outdated. Please inform us if you feel we’ve let it get a bit behind.

Last update: 7th April 2020.

What actually is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that comes from animals, and this new coronavirus hasn’t been encountered before which is why it’s a big deal. Its more specific name is COVID-19.

Where did it start?

The Chinese city of Wuhan is home to the Huanan seafood wholesale market which sells live and newly slaughtered animals. Many people that were initially infected were regulars to this market or worked there.

Experts believe the animal it may have come from may well actually be bats being used as food.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include a persistent dry cough, a fever and breathing difficulties. If you show signs of these you and anybody you live with need to self isolate at home. That means no trips out anywhere. If you need assistance in shopping, reach out to family or friends or try your luck with online deliveries.

Other reported symptoms can include body aches and headaches. It’s not guaranteed though. There was even talks of loss of smell and taste being a possible symptom.

Is there a cure?

Not yet, but scientists are working hard on it. The more we understand, the closer a cure gets to us. Hang in there.

Should I visit a doctor?

The best thing to do if you are showing symptoms as mentioned before is to self isolate. Do NOT go to your GP as you’ll just spread it around.

If symptoms become worse or won’t go away after a week or two then ring NHS 111 and you’ll be advised on what to do. It’s not likely, but you may need some more professional help.

How deadly is it?

The virus appears to be especially deadly to the elderly and anybody with underlying health issues. It can vary from person to person since it will depend how good your immunity is.

We now have a better understanding of how the virus works but we’re still discovering more. The virus can enter the body through your eyes, mouth or nose if you’re near somebody that is infected (if they cough or something) or you could get it from touching an infected surface if you make contact with this surface then touch your face.

The virus makes home inside your body and releases lots of small viruses around your body which then sets your immune system into action. When your immune system is working this is where you feel ill with a fever etc.

While it’s not likely that the virus would do anything serious to you if you’re not vulnerable, do not treat it like you’re protected since there are still rare cases of seemingly healthy people falling victim. Don’t be massively alarmed by this, as it is not likely to be serious and a lot of people recover. But you must take it seriously.

What do I need to do to keep safe?

Stay at home! Unless you’re working in a necessary sector such as hospital or grocery stores you really need to stay at home. If you can work from home, then you must. Do NOT go for a sunbathe in the park. Do NOT meet friends. If you and your partner live apart, do NOT visit each other for the moment.

The more we take the government’s advice seriously, the quicker this situation stabilises and we can get back to normal. However, if we don’t listen to this advice then more people will die and it will take longer to get through.

While we are allowed to exercise once daily, remember to keep your distance from everyone else. 2 metres (6 feet) apart is the advice we’ve been given so if you need to cross the road on a narrow pavement to distance from somebody coming the other way, make sure you do.

Take care in supermarkets and grocery stores if you have to go. Only go if you REALLY need to get necessities. You really should be aiming to be there the least amount of times possible, and don’t stay there for hours filling up a trolley. Grab your milk, bread and any tinned foods or rice/pasta if there’s any there and be on your way.

DO NOT HOARD FOOD. Most places have limits on how much you can buy anyway, but don’t be a selfish twat. There’s plenty of food to go around but if people keep emptying the shelves it becomes difficult to keep them stocked for everyone else.

Make use of online delivery services where you can but take note you may need to plan these things a week or two in advanced. Also be sure to let the delivery service know if you are self isolating as they may have to drop things at your front door and leave to keep themselves safe.

Keep washing your hands every time you’ve been out, even if you didn’t touch anything – still do it. Make sure you’re washing your hands properly too. It should be taking at least 20 seconds and make sure you cover your entire hands with foamy soap.

When it comes to sneezing be sure to sneeze into your elbows or in a tissue, then proceed to dispose the tissue. The same goes with coughing, even if its just a quick clear of the throat.

Should I be worried?

No. These are scary times unlike anything most of us have been through before, but try your best to keep it together. Help your friends and family, call them, facetime them. Anything. Just make sure you look after each other as today’s technology allows us to keep in touch without actually being in each other’s face.

If you have vulnerable relatives make sure you look out for them. If they need shopping, do it for them and drop it by their front door. Don’t endanger them as you may be carrying the virus with no symptoms.

Remember to keep safe everyone. If there’s any further developments I’ll be back onto this. If any of this becomes out-dated please let me know.