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Buying New Car Tyres – What to Consider

ManWants have collaborated with Dartford Tyres to give you all the knowledge you need when it comes to buying the right tyres for your car. You might have a top of the range super car, or a simple run around to get you and the family from A to B, or maybe you have a camper van or mobile home? Whatever wheels you have got,  you can never know too much about making the right choice when it comes to getting the right tyres.

Buying car tyres means selecting your tyres from a variety of options available in the market. To be able to select the perfect fit for your vehicle, consider these following points:


  1. Choosing the Right Size

The biggest mistake that a consumer can make while buying car tyres is not choosing the correct size. Its more about knowing the right size for your respective vehicle. Check your owner’s manual or the placard on the door jamb behind the driver. Do not look at the sidewalls of your existing tyres as they may not be of the same size as originally came on your vehicle.


  1. Choosing the Right Type of Tyre

Before purchasing new car tyres you need to consider minimum requirements like your driving style, your expectation for tyre life, weather conditions in which you drive, and surfaces or roads you mostly travel on. After considering these points you will be able to shortlist the most appropriate brands offering the kind of tyres that are best suited for your requirements.


  1. Know Where to Buy

While buying new car tyres its always better to look for trustworthy local garages. While there are many sellers out in the market that are selling counterfeit tyres, one should always make sure that they are buying original tyres. Avoid buying counterfeits by looking out for tyres missing the correct details. Question the validity in cases when there is no paper work or if packaging is badly printed or other details are misspelt.

Here we would like to tell you what we personally recommend. Need new tyres in Kent? Shop at Dartford Tyres, Kent branch and get your hands-on branded car tyres at best possible prices. All tyres are 100% original, and can be easily purchased online. s


  1. Always Go for Quality Tyres!

Many of us believe that buying quality tyres means spending extra cash. However, if you think about it you actually end up saving money. The better your tyres, the better is the fuel consumption and less chances of spending money on frequent tyre repair work! Ever thought of that?


We hope that with these few simple yet important tips, purchasing car tyres will be a piece of cake for you in the future!