UK Drivers could get fined for parking on the Kerb – Man Wants


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UK Drivers could get fined for parking on the Kerb

Parking anywhere can be an absolute nightmare at times. Sometimes car parks are jam packed full, so you find a legal place to park down a road somewhere. Just make sure you’re not on the kerb, as it may land you a fine.

If new proposals that have been made by a local council are approved, parking on the kerb will be a punishable offence via a fine. Looks like the government will propose any law it can to grab our hard earned cash.

Parking on the pavement is considered a selfish act, and you can get why. The pavement is for pedestrians, not cars. Anybody that is disabled could come across difficulty getting past a vehicle that is taking up the pavement, for example.

The only place that currently gives out fines is in London, where you could be given a £70 penalty charge for parking dangerously on a pavement. Other than that, it’s currently legal. But it may not stay that way for long.

Parked on the Pavement

At least you tried, buddy. (Image: Express)

South Lanarkshire Council are after getting pavement parking to be dealt with in the same way as those who park on double yellows, double park on a road and fail to pay for parking.

There’s some arguments for each side to this. As stated previously, some drivers really are selfish and completely block the pavement. I’ve experienced it myself, mainly with vans doing work on a house but aren’t able to park on the drive. Imagine trying to get a wheelchair or pram through there? Not happening.

On the other hand, small streets in a way force you to park on the pavement slightly. It’s not safe to park on the road on a narrow street really, it just makes access for other vehicles really difficult and tight. As long as you’re not an idiot about it, there’s no problem!

Well, that’s potentially another unusual driving law to go along flashing your headlights at the wrong time. We’re all going to be felons on the road eventually!

What are your thoughts? Do you think this should go through? Or do you think it’s a harsh money making scheme? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Express