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About Man Wants

Man Wants launched with a single premise; research and relay what men want. That is to say, what I want.

Once upon a time I was looking for a single resource that reflected my interests, passions and hobbies. A site that spoke directly to me.
I couldn’t find it, so I decided to create it.

Born out of my increasing frustration at not being able to source reliable information on fashion trends or male focused self improvement, I created a simple blog which I called Man Wants.

You can I’m sure picture the scene.
I was sat at my desk feeling all primal and jokingly beating my chest caveman style. Inevitably I grunted the words, “MAN. WANTS,” in a manner more befitting of pre-historic man than a 40 something writer.

I have a great fascination for technology though I confess I have little knowledge.
Similarly I have tremendous enthusiasm for health and fitness and have squeezed a workout into my daily routine for as long as I can remember.
But my true passions lie in art and cuisine. I enjoy cooking though whether or not I am actually any good is debatable.

The point is that as a creative writer I enjoy exploring new things and it soon became apparent that in order to build a reliable source of information for the modern man I needed a team of people with specialist knowledge and above all, passion.

This serves two purposes.
Firstly, advance my own knowledge and secondly build the web site that I want to create.

Just a few years on and I am extremely proud of Man Wants. I am also extremely proud of my team of writers whom have stayed with me since day one.
As with life itself we are all different and all have something unique to contribute.

I do hope that you enjoy what we have to offer and I welcome all feedback.