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3D Printed Homes that are made in 24 hours

Getting onto the property market as a new time buyer is extremely difficult in the UK nowadays. House prices are quite steep, and a lot of young adults are either stuck with renting or even having to stick around with their parents for a bit longer.

Unless you’re like Carl, and enjoy annoying your parents, there may be a solution on the horizon for all those who are looking for their own place to call home. It’s not perfect, but it’s not at all bad by the looks of things. US based company, Apis Cor have managed to put together a 400 foot square home in a whopping time span of 24 hours.

3D Printed Homes Inside

The inside looks great. (Image: Metro)

From a first glance, they look like they’ll last maybe a few weeks at the most. However, the company claims that these small pop-up constructions can last up to 175 years! The inside is quite superb and surprisingly spacious if I’m honest, I would take it over a studio flat without a doubt. The home comes with a hallway, bathroom, living room, functional compact kitchen as well as plumbing and electricity included. There’s also the option to have the house printed larger and in any shape, possibly multiple stories rather than the single story “igloo” style.

The house is printed by a portable 3D printer that can make the entire structure on sight, with a few people adding all the smaller finishing touches. Apis Cor are confident that this home they’ve printed in Russia is the start of something big, and is the first step into the future of the construction market. Price wise, the houses are going to be a very worth investment. Currently priced at $10,134 (translates to £8,290.25, but would probably be bumped up to £10,000), it’s quite cheap for what it’s worth.

3D Printed Housing Outside

The finished house from the outside. (Image: Metro)

The future is now! A neighborhood of these 3D printed homes would be good news for first time home owners, and would avoid the need to throw dead money to a landlord.

Source: Metro