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Pimp Your Toilet – 10 Kick-Ass Toilet Designs to get your juices flowing

It’s not really something you put a lot of thought into, unless you’re doing up the bathroom. A pristine toilet is always a damn pleasure to make use of. Why stop at your bog-standard regular loo though? You could always have some fun with it.

Some people have gone that extra mile when it comes to their place of excrement. Here’s 10 of the most interesting and unusual toilet designs that we’ve been able to pluck from around the web. Mr. Crapper would be so proud of how far we’ve come.

Sharing is Caring, A Loo for Two

If you’re suffering from lonely toilet time, then your prayers have been answered. This bog has been designed with two people in mind, and it looks like it shares plumbing since the flush is in the middle. Let’s just hope your mate isn’t one of those people that sits there for half an hour.

Loo for Two

Image: Pinterest

The Ultimate Porta-Loo

If you got a long road ahead, but you just can’t hold it in then don’t worry. No longer will you have to squat in the woods by the road, wiping yourself with the leaves around you. Just be mindful of passers-by. It might be a shock for them.

Truck loo

Image: Pinterest

The Glitter Sh*tter

Probably most people’s idea of a nightmare. Especially the bog roll. I’m not sure why anyone would even think that was a good idea. You may as well be wiping with sand paper. *shudder*

Glitter Shtter

Images: Pinterest

The Royal Throne

I’m guessing this is how all the toilets in crystal palace look? Makes a nice change really, having somewhere to rest your arms and back while going about your business. No more stiff joints!

Throne Loo

Image: Pinterest

For those on the Go

If you’re always on the go, then you’ll never have to worry about needing to go! Carrying passengers around as a coach driver can sometimes leave little time for breaks, so this toilet will always have you covered in case of any emergencies.

Poo Car seat

Image: Pinterest

Complete Transparency

Nothing is left to the imagination with this toilet design. The entire thing is glass, and I imagine any blokes hoping for a quick stand-up-wee would have to be careful not to miss… This makes me a little uncomfortable to be honest. The mess you’d leave afterwards… you can see everything!

Glass Loo

Image: Pinterest

Scooter Pooper

Not quite for those on the go, but at least you get to entertain yourself a little bit whilst you’re at it. Maybe you could make the sound effects for the Scooter, if you get what I mean.

Scooter Loo

Image: Pinterest

Adding a bit of Vuitton style

Forget all the luxury Louis Vuitton leather goods, shoes, trunks, whatever. THIS is what you really need in your life. Guests will be beyond impressed when they go for a quickie at a social gathering.

Louis Vuitton Loo

Image: Pinterest

Posh Padding

You might need some quiet time if you’re trying to read, and if people are always making racket downstairs then this could be the answer. Now you can just sit on this comfy padding and pretend you’re having a number two so people will finally leave you in peace.

Posh Padded Loo

Image: Pinterest

Open Wide, Mr. President…

Each to their own, if you’re into that kind of thing then you be you. This is quite the WTF moment though, let’s be honest. I’m a bit lost for words, and I’m not sure I could use a urinal like that. It’s too weird.

Lippy Urinals

There you have it. Bet you didn’t think you’d ever be so fascinated by a toilet, did you? If you’ve ever seen or heard of some seriously strange bogs then feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear about it!