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10 of the Weirdest things you can get from a Vending Machine

Vending machines are a quick and easy way to grab yourself a quick snack. While the UK tends to fill theirs with crisps and chocolate, other places in the world are a bit more interesting.

Having a vending machine in the building is an easy way to make a bit on the side for some, since nobody needs to be there to actually sell the items.

It’s not just food that gets put in these things now though, there’s all sorts of crazy venders with their own unique items for sale. Let’s take a look at some of the more exciting ones.


Champagne Vending Machine

(Image: PopSugar)

Never mind a bottle of coke, some vending machines will dispense you a full bottle of champagne! The places known for this include the Gold Coast, Las Vegas and Selfridges in London.

At roughly $29 a bottle, it may be a good option if you’re too impatient to wait for the bartender to bring you a glass. Just use the bottles golden sipper instead.

Sex Toys

Pinkbox Vending Machine

See, I wasn’t kidding. (Image: Philly)

Philadelphia have taken things to the next level. While you do get rubber jimmy dispensers in this country, these guys have a dedicated company that provides full on sex toys in theirs.

PinkBox┬ástock their machines from condoms all the way through to the more intense side of vibratey play things. All hand picked by a local “sexpert”, so you know you’re getting the best.


Gold Vending Machine

(Image: CNET)

Why? I have no idea. But if you really want yourself a $1000 bar of gold, then there’s a vending machine for that. You’ll have to go all the way to Las Vegas or Dubai though.

Apparently, these machines are actually slowly being removed. I guess there just aren’t enough people investing in solid lumps of gold right now.


Crab Vending Machine

(Image: The Atlantic)

Nanjing in China has a vending machine exclusively for a very fresh crab snack, along with vinegar dipping sauce. Oh, and in typical Chinese-animal-cruelty fashion, they’re all still alive on dispense.

The reason for this was the sudden rush for wanting crab when all the restaurants were closed. Small businesses saw these vending machines as the late night solution.


Caviar Vending Machine

(Image: ABC)

Gourmets will need to look no further than a luxurious vending machine of this sort, as they’re provided in most US malls now.

If you’re made of money, grab yourself 30g of of Imperial River Beluga Caviar for as little as $500. Not a fan of fish eggs? Try the italian truffles instead, and grab a cigar while you’re at it.

Guitar Strings

Guitar String Vending Machine

(Image: Guitar Tricks)

I have to say, this is a great idea for a vending machine. Portland is known for its musicians and jazz bars so it’s no surprise they have a dedicated vending machine.

Guitar strings and drumsticks are very easily broken under heavy use, so do not fear if you need one at an instant. Find a vender quickly before your next gig and you’ll be fine.

Luxury Cars

Car Vending Machine

(Image: Fortune)

No, seriously. Singapore has a massive vending machine where you can get yourself a luxury car. You can’t really complain that you’re stuck in town ever again.

15 stories high with 60 slots worth, you can turn up to this building, put in your payment and drive off with your brand new vehicle.


Sock Vending Machine

(Image: Reddit)

Not something you’d expect to see in a vending machine, but Japan offers underpants and socks in some of their venders.

The idea is that you only have to use them once, so if you’re a traveler then this isn’t a bad thing. No more dirty laundry while you’re on the go!


Flip-Flop Vending Machine

(Image: Pinterest)

You can probably guess where you’re likely to see these. That’s right, only in Australia. Aussies can now grab themselves a quick pair of flip-flops from venders.

Make sure you get the right size though, because if they don’t fit then there’s no going back. You’re stuck with them.

Putin Memorabilia

Putin Vending Machine

(Image: Instagram @ladymay01)

It’s now possible to grab yourself a last minute souvenir from Moscow on the way home. Russian vending machines have been spotted containing Putin themed items.

You can now have the dict- uh… president of Russia printed on a t-shirt or a phone cover. If you really want to.

Our vending machines aren’t so fun anymore, are they?

Maybe if we ask for it, we can get one dedicated to tea bags and digestives.