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British employees are dealing with Anxiety, Depression or Stress

Mental health is a fairly important matter. It’s becoming very evident that it’s a common problem among many of us, especially younger people.

According to a survey of 2,000 junior and senior British workers, 34% of us are dealing with anxiety, depression or stress.

British people in a different range of jobs were asked questions regarding their mental health. The survey found a third of us are affected by these mental health issues.

Mental health problems apparently affect 1 in 6 of us on a weekly basis, which is why we really should be seeing it for its true importance. It’s not something you can just “brush off”.


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Why are we suffering?

Researchers feel that this is due to a blurring in the line between work life and home life. Smartphones might be making us feel more pressured to take work related calls, despite being out of the office.

For some, this can feel like they’re always on call. The usual stresses from work follow them home, as they’re just a call or email away.

The research also found that out of everybody who had taken time off due to their mental health, at least 39% of them felt they couldn’t tell their boss.

Bare in mind, that doesn’t take into account all the people that want to take time off, but feel they can’t.

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What’s the solution?

It’s clear that something needs to be done to help those who are struggling. To start with, encouragement to take time off when you need it can make a difference. If you’re suffering, don’t do it in silence.

Ensuring that people are getting proper breaks and leave on time could also make an effect and help workers feel better.

The evidence is there, but action needs to be taken. A third of all workers in the UK is a lot of people. A much higher number than initially suspected.

We should do everything we can to get that number as low as possible.

Source: Metro