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Zero hour contracts are risking young people’s mental health

If you’re under a zero hour contract, you might want to re-think your career options. According to researchers, it could be damaging your mental health.

For those that aren’t sure, a zero hour contract means an employer can employee somebody without the guarantee of work. The employee can pick their hours if they’re available.

It sounds good on paper as it’s super flexible, but it’s not usually as good as it seems. Employers can refuse you the hours even if you really need the money.

Not to mention there’s no sick pay or holiday pay. If you take any of those, you simply don’t get paid. You’re not contracted for it.

Zero Hour Contract

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A major study of millenials has found that those employed under zero hour contracts are more likely to suffer from mental health problems.

Researchers at UCL’s Institute of Education analysed data from more than 7,700 people that were born in England, between 1989 and 1990.

Dr Morag Henderson, lead author of this report explains the following:

“One explanation for these findings is that financial stress or the stress associated with having a low-status job increases the risk of poor mental health,

“It may also be that the worry of having no work or irregular work triggers physical symptoms of stress. Including chest pain, headaches and muscle tension.”

This study also discovered that anybody unemployed is more likely to suffer twice as much from mental illness.

Looks like your regular and stable 9 – 5 is the better option after all.

Source: HP