England wants to put an end to Smoking by 2030 – Man Wants


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England wants to put an end to Smoking by 2030

It’s common fact that smoking is very bad for you. Yet, at least 15% of adults in England are still doing it anyway. 

The government seems to be pledging to end Smoking for good in England by 2030. That likely means that cigarettes will no longer be sold, and it will be illegal to do it pretty much anywhere in public, you’d imagine.

People don’t tend to just start smoking for the hell of it anymore. According to research carried out by the NHS you’re 50% more likely to start smoking if you suffer from mental illness, and 250% more likely to if you work in manual labour.

To non-smokers, this all sounds quite appealing to become part of a smoke-free society, but we have to ask the question – is it a realistic goal? Can you really get the population of smokers to stop in the space of 11 years?

Obviously it can’t happen over night. Nicotine addiction has some serious withdrawal symptoms and not to mention the economy would be slightly damaged. Also, if cigarettes were outlawed, then wouldn’t it just make more work for the police? People will no doubt deal them like drugs if this happened.

Do you think this is a realistic goal? Can we really be a smoke-free society in 11 years? Let us know your thoughts below, as well as if you’re even for or against the idea in the first place.