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Cheese and Wine supposedly makes you fitter and smarter

Surely this is too good to be true? Despite what we’ve already been lead to believe, cheese and wine is apparently good for you, according to science.

A recent study has challenged some of the health concerns around cheese and dairy. Its fatty substance is said to lead to potential heart attacks or strokes, but researchers have found it’s quite the case. However, bare in mind the study was funded in part by three dairy organizations. Obviously they will have a vested interest in positive results.

Cheese and Wine

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Remember: Moderation!

Another recent study given to us by Frontiers in Nutrition also reveals that, in moderation, red wine can help your heart as well as your brain. Wine residue was inspected as it passed through the gut and revealed that metabolites are preventing cells from dying because of stress conditions that normally affect neuro-degenerative disorders. The research showed that different foods have various benefits along the digestive path. In this case, Wine stops dying cells and therefore delays potential neuro-degenerative diseases.

Cheese and Wine

(Image: Notts Derby Wine School)

This doesn’t mean go on a cheese and wine binge. Moderation is the key here. The calories can still be excessive, and individual types of wines and cheeses differ from one another. Consider your own health, decide what’s best for you.

Source: NY Post