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You can now share a pint with your Dog

I’m not going mad, or justifying poisoning your best pal with alcohol. There’s now a special type of beer that is completely safe for your dog!

No longer will you feel like you’re leaving your buddy out when you go to the pub together. I mean, it’s for his own good that you don’t share a pint together, but still.

Courtesy of Woof & Brew, you can now get alcohol free beers and other beverages for your pets. One of these beverages includes the beer called Bottom Sniffer.

Bottom Sniffer Beer

(Image: Woof & Brew)

Bottom Sniffer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer that your dog can enjoy while you’re also cracking a pint. I wouldn’t advise trying a bit of each other’s though.

Although the drink comes in a bottle, the brewers advise to serve it over food. I guess handing your dog a pint glass would be a disaster anyway.

It’s not just beer that is provided. You can also get your pet a special bottle of Pawsecco. An alcohol free and grape-less still wine for both dogs and cats.

It’s not too expensive a treat for your pet, at £2.99 a bottle for each product.

Fancy treating your buddy to a classy beverage to end the week? Well, now you know exactly where to go!

Source:Woof & Brew