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It’s NEVER too late to learn a new Instrument, so get to it!

There’s this old rumour that when you hit a certain age, you’re “too old” to learn a new instrument. Some might argue that with some instruments, you don’t stand a chance unless you learned from a very young age.

Truth is, this is just a load of old tosh. Maybe it’s just to keep the old farts away from the cool instruments, but there is absolutely no age limit as to when you should start to learn an instrument. Whether you’re 12 or 112 – it’s never too late to learn. Unless you actually are 112… it’s not likely you’ll be around to finish the job.

According to the internet after a quick google search, the best age to start learning piano is between 6 and 8 years old. Guitar is similar, with some early learners starting at 4 years old. Why is it they say you should learn so young? I know for a fact at those ages I wasn’t interested in learning to play an instrument one bit!

It’s apparently a lot easier to learn things at a younger age due to the way adults and children store things in their memory differently. That’s why if you learn an instrument when you’re small, you’ll find it a lot easier to get going than you would when you’re older. Truth is though, there’s absolutely no age limit. You can learn at any age and still be a genius with your instrument.

If you’re hitting 40, and wishing you picked up the guitar or started drumming in your early teens so you’d be good by now, then stop wishing and get doing! At the end of the day, patience and discipline is what will get you far and these are easier to come by at a more mature age. Not all superstars are born in their youth!

Is anybody else a “late starter” when it comes to instruments? I never touched a guitar until I was 20. While I’m out of practice now, I feel I progressed quite well at the time. Let us know your stories in the comments!