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The Tattoo that plays back pre-recorded Audio

Most people that carry a tattoo claim that it has significant meaning. You’d hope so anyway, since they’re supposed to be there for life.

How would you like to take your next tattoo to the next level? The audio tattoo is exactly what it sounds like – ink that plays sound back to you. I know what you’re thinking. It’s only ink, how the hell do they make it play sound? Watch the video below and all will become clear.

As you can see, LA based company Skin Motion are working on an app that allows you to record and upload an audio file that will then transform into an audio file design. Once you get this tattoo applied to your body and it’s healed over, you can then scan it on the app to play it back.

Remember – It’s still permanent

Skin Motion recommend you use this to immortalize the voice of a passed loved one. However, you can use it for various purposes. Perhaps a meaningful song? A favorite phrase? If you’re a nutter like the lady in the video maybe even your dog howling. As you would anyway, always take care when choosing a tattoo. Don’t get the likes of Baby by Justin Bieber or something similar, because it’s bad enough that you like it now but you’ll certainly hate it when you’re older.

Source: Time