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MMUK – The Men’s Brand that’s Breaking Down Barriers is now available at ASOS

In this modern day and age, makeup isn’t just something for the ladies anymore. Turns out a lot of men are wearing it too, and it doesn’t look bad at all!

As of the beginning of this month, ASOS have started selling makeup specifically targeted at men. MMUK was launched back in 2012, as it’s one of the first brands to challenge the stereotype that only women can wear makeup.

Its launch with ASOS has been its first major step into mainstream retail. They currently stock 10 of MMUK’s products, including a beard and brow filler, “manscara”, under eye liquid concealer and anti shine powder. Prices range from £14 to £37.50 between all 10 products.

MMUK Concealer

(Image: MMUK)

Men have been wearing makeup for years. Currently, around 3 million men in the UK wear it according to surveys and statistics. No longer do they have to steal from their wife, sister or girlfriend though.

Why does makeup need to be marketed at men specifically though? Well, why not? With such a high volume of men thought to be wearing makeup, many of them on the quiet, it makes a lot of sense to have a specific brand for themselves.

It’s great business for the beauty industry, but also cuts any embarrassment that men could potentially face when buying women’s products. Makeup doesn’t need to be gender specific anymore.

Johnny Depp

(Image: MoviesDrop)

While the guys do like to go on about being a “Man’s Man” here at Man Wants, Malcolm agrees that MMUK are making a breakthrough and thinks it’s a great achievement for a mainstream men’s makeup market.

If you are still in doubt about men wearing makeup, just remember these guys – Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Dave Navarro, Ozzy Osbourne, Seal

There’s no denying how awesome those guys look!

Source: MMUK