The Best Times to go to Bed so you Wake Up Refreshed
22nd March 2017

The best times to go to bed can vary, depending when you plan to wake up. However, thanks to a site called Web-Blinds you can now figure out the perfect times for you to have a snooze and not wake up feeling like you’re ready to punch something.

All you need to do with the sleep calculator provided on Web-Blinds is put in what time you have to be up, and it’ll fire back a few different results that match the best time you should be snoozing. On average it takes about 14 minutes for a person to fall asleep, so this gets taken into account in your results. I gave it a shot myself by entering 7:30AM, since that’s my wake up call most mornings, and it fired back 10:16PM, 11:46PM, 1:16AM and 2:46AM. The latter two I’m not so sure would be the wisest options if I can help it.

This might be relatable to some. (via GIPHY)

It claims to work out your bed time by counting in sleep cycles. Ideally, we’re meant to get at least 5 or 6 of these 90 minute cycles a night, but regardless of how much sleep you get it’s a lot easier to wake up between them than half way through them. When you get up feeling irritated and grumpy then you were likely in the middle of one. It’s also worth noting that throwing in the towel really early for some extra hours might not be all that beneficial and could result in you feeling more tired.

I’ve been going to bed at quarter past 11 most nights, but now I can see where I’ve been going wrong. Another sleep cycle will have been making its way in just as I have to be up, which explains a lot. I’ll have to rethink my bed-time strategy.

Source: Web-Blinds


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