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Making sure you have the BEST Stag Party


If you’ve been to a Stag party already then you’ll know what it entails. However, if you haven’t then listen up as there may be some pretty useful advice here.

As with anything of the sort, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to a stag party. Let’s not waste any time and get to it.


Make sure there’s a bed – Make sure the groom actually has a bed. If there are somehow not enough beds, then give up yours. It’s his night after all, don’t make him sleep on the floor!

Extra clothing – It doesn’t necessarily HAVE to get this messy, but it is a stag party and you know what us Brits are like… so spare clothing for the groom is always a damn good option. Especially if he becomes tied to a lamppost in the nude with make up all over his face.

Offer to pay – Weddings are expensive, and the groom already has a lot to pay out. Especially if you’re the best man, help out where you can. It’s a good gesture, and he will appreciate it a lot.

Actually do something… – You have a lot of time in the future to go out drinking together, whenever you want. So during the day why not actually do something fun together? Paintball? Sky diving? Really go for it if you can!


Invite the ladies – It’s not written in stone, but it’s a stag party. This is one for the blokes, so make sure it’s a “No Girls Allowed” type thing!

Have it the night before! – I don’t understand why people do this. You know when the wedding is, so don’t leave it until last minute! You’ll only make yourselves late for the wedding, and his fiancé will not be impressed!

Invite the right people – Let the groom know who you’ve decided to invite. If you invited his knob-head cousin that he thinks is a complete arse but he doesn’t know until the actual thing, then that will be awkward.

Don’t lose the groom! – Right, this one is important. Don’t lose the groom at all. As best man, you need to be looking after him but it goes for the lot of you. Keep your eye on him!

Most importantly, have fun. Enjoy the best stag night ever. Just make sure you don’t let him get up to TOO much trouble!