A Simple trick to transform your morning cup of Coffee

Don’t complain if this doesn’t work, but there is a simple trick I learned that helped improve my morning coffees. If you find it’s too bitter sometimes, fear not – this should help.

It can’t just be me that finds coffee shop coffees slightly bitter. Considering how much sugar they load into them, that shouldn’t be the way. According to VinePair, the trick to beat the bitterness is simply a pinch of salt.

Pile of Salt

Remember, just a pinch. Not heaps. (Image: Reddit)

Just a pinch

It sounds disgusting, right? Well it will be if you pour heaps of it into your cup. When they say a pinch, they really mean a tiny pinch of the stuff. You don’t want your coffee to taste like the sea. When added properly, a pinch of salt can provide an overall smoother cup of caffeine and, best of all, is generally available wherever you may be ordering.

How does this work? Sodium ions suppress the bitterness of food and drink. I’m sure Paddy would write you an essay about it if you asked him. Next time you have a duff coffee, give the salt trick a shot and let us know how it goes for you.

Source: Vinepair


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