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3 reasons that explain why you’re always hungry

Do you find yourself constantly hungry? You’re not alone. My next meal is always on my mind, and I can never usually wait. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying food, but we can only blame ourselves for this constant hunger.

There are various reasons for this constant hunger than plagues our stomachs. Unfortunately, we can only blame ourselves, and it usually rounds down to us being rather greedy.

Eating too many Carbs

If you’ve ever had a carbohydrate heavy meal, you’ll probably find you get peckish again quite quickly. When eating many carbs in one sitting, they’re very quickly absorbed into the blood as sugars. This causes a surge of insulin, and the removal of all these sugars from our blood leaves us craving more carbs.

Hungry Carbohydrates

Don’t eat all of these at once. (Image: RH&F)

If this is your problem, then it’s best to cut down on the refined carbohydrates. Choose meals with a moderate amount of unrefined carbohydrates combined with a good portion of protein and non-starchy vegetables. This will slower that carb absorption, allowing you to remain full for a lot longer.

Sleep deprivation

Not getting enough sleep can directly affect your hunger levels. Lack of sleep has been found to reduce levels of a hormone called leptin, which inhibits hunger. This then increases levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. This means poor sleep levels could lead to constant hunger and weight gain.

Hungry from Sleep Deprivation

Stop staying up all night. You’ll just get even more hungry. (Image: BCU)

If you’re not very good with your sleep, this may be a reason for your rumbling stomach. Are you getting enough magnesium? It helps relax muscles, allowing us to fall into a peaceful sleep.


It turns out that sometimes when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually more thirsty. The craving can be interpreted as hunger but in actual fact all you need is a glass of water. Water is needed for our cells to make use of the nutrients in our food, so without water we end up craving more food.

Hungry Drinking Water

Drinking too much at once isn’t good for your digestion. (Image: Angry Trainer Fitness)

This is avoidable by simply making sure you drink enough throughout the day. Something you should be doing anyway!

Source: Metro