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The secret McDonald’s “Gold Card”, and how to get one

I’ve heard of the McDonald’s “gold card”, but I always thought it was just a myth. If you don’t already know, it apparently grants you free food at any McDonald’s restaurant for as long as it states on the card. Sounds like a silly school rumor, right? Turns out they are real, and there’s photographic evidence.

Getting hold of one of these gold cards is, unfortunately, not that simple. It seems like you have to do something quite notable or heroic to even be considered as an owner of one.

I imagine these taste a lot better when they're free. (Image: McDonalds)

I imagine these taste a lot better when they’re free. (Image: McDonalds)

For example, a man by the name of Charles Ramsey allegedly received one as part of a reward, after dropping his Big Mac mid-meal to go and save three kidnapped women. So, if you’re quite the hero already then make sure you’re also eating a Big Mac next time to get a gold card of your own.

Other people that supposedly own one are more the types of people that you wouldn’t think need one anyway, such as Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, and American investor Warren Buffett – probably solely for his surname. Again, it all sounds like silly rumors that are being thrown around the block with no truth behind them, but the Jimmy Kimmel show saw actor Rob Lowe physically pull his gold card out for the cameras. He didn’t just get given it for nothing however, he claims his mate’s dad was the inventor of the Egg McMuffin… It’s always about who you know!

Rob Lowe's

Rob Lowe’s “McGold Card”. (Image: Mirror)

Another documented case of an average citizen with no celeb-status receiving free food from McDonald’s, is super-fan Nadine Baum. Nadine received the free food for life gift for her 100th birthday, after using her local branch for lunch everyday the last 6 years. How she’s managed to live past 100 after that much McDonald’s food at a regular rate, I’m not entirely sure, but good for her. I hope she snatches as many free Big Macs as possible while she can.

So far, that’s four ways of coming into possession of these mythical gold cards that gives you a pass to free fast food: Be a hero, be rich famous, know somebody that has made an impact on the company, or just become a regular and make sure you live for over a century!

Nadine received a birthday cake and card from MacDonald's on her 100th birthday. (Image: Twitter)

Nadine received a birthday cake and card from McDonald’s on her 100th birthday. (Image: Twitter)

Since this news about the McGold Card has recently hit the limelight and seems to be a reality in the States, people here in the UK have also asked how they can get hold of one. This comes as bad news, with McDonald’s simply stating to the Mirror Online:

“Sorry to be a let-down, but the McDonald’s gold card does not exist in the UK.”

Well, that sucks. I guess they’re doing us a favor really. Unlimited free fast food forever would certainly be an early grave, unless you have super-human willpower and self control.

Although, could this just be a lie to shut us up? It seems like they only want specific people of satus to be associated with their brand in such a way. Check these comments that I have found from UK residents on the net, claiming they have been in possession of a McGold Card:


Interesting. More of a “who you know” situation though. (Image: Facebook)


Disgusting, but free food in return? Fair play. (Image: Facebook)

The McGold Card seems to have some kind of truth behind it after all, if what they say isn’t actually a sack of lies.

Have you ever had one in your possession? Let us know if you do, and tell us how you got it. Maybe you could get one for everybody here in the ManWants office, while you’re at it? Not Tom though. He prefers to eat leaves whilst remaining surgically attached to a treadmill.

Source: Mirror