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10 Ways you can Creatively Recycle old Palettes

Got a load of spare pallets you’re about to chuck out? Stop right there! They can be really useful in terms of DIY and recycling¬†– helping the planet as well as your bank balance.

Pallets have come in very handy for me when it comes to household furnishings. However, you don’t have to keep everything you make. If you’re a master of your craft, then there’s nothing to stop you selling your work for a tasty profit!

Here’s 10 of my favourite ideas in terms of up-cycling wooden paletts. You’ll be surprised as to how little skill you need in terms of DIY, so don’t be scared to give them a shot!

Small Tables

In need of a nightstand to get my your bed? Or do you fancy a low down coffee table for the living room? No need to go out and buy one when you can just make one yourself.

I’ve made both of the above I mentioned, and they look great. They’re not that difficult to pull off either – just cut down the pallets to the sizes you need and put them together.

Coffee Table

Image: Farmhouse Pallets & Co.

Wooden Gates / Fencing

If your garden fencing is waring down a bit, and you’re thinking of replacing them, why not look into a homemade option? Pallets tend to be a decent size, so you may get away with minimal cutting.

Depending what style you’re after, all you need to do is get all your pieces to the same size and then you can go ahead and put together some fence panels.

If you need a gate for the front of your property as well, you could use any spare pieces left to make one of whatever size you need.


Image: 1001pallets

Animal Housing

It doesn’t always have to be for yourself. Sometimes our animal friends need shelter too! I find pallets come in very useful for bird boxes but can also be used for dog kennels, cat houses or even small pet runs if you apply a bit of chicken wire to a frame.

Bird Box

Image: LumberJocks

Garden Decking

If you’re a REALLY handy bloke, then this could be something you’d enjoy putting together. Garden decking isn’t always cheap to buy and have installed, so just make your own!

I’ve not had a go at it personally as I don’t really have a decent garden, but there’s a lot of people that like to show off their DIY pallet garden decking and it can totally transform the place.

Garden Decking

Image: Homeli

Wine/Whiskey Rack

A special drink deserves a special place to be stored, and palettes are great to make small but neat looking frames to store your favourite strong alcoholic beverages.

I’ve done a few of these, and I think they look pretty neat. You can make a small one to carry 4, or you could be ambitious and make one that carries 8!

Wine Rack

Image: IdeaStand


Whether it’s a wall clock, or a stand up clock for your desk, pallets make nice clock faces weirdly enough. All you need is a size to your liking and a hole in the center for the hands. Starting with 12 at the top, just put another number every 30 degrees and there you go – you can now tell the time!


Image: Instructables

Bike Rack

You no longer need to store your bikes against the wall of the garage. You don’t even have to do much to the pallet in most cases for a bike rack. Depends how you want it.

Bike Rack

Image: TreeHugger

Wooden Shed

Feeling super ambitious? Pallets are a good enough material to make a shed out of if you have enough of the stuff lying around. If you’re quite the craftsman, then you could probably knock up a great looking shed for the yard.

I’ve helped my dad put together his own shed a few years back using pallets, and we did a damn good job. We had the freedom to make it however we saw fit, and saved bit of money in the process!


Image: YouTube

Picture Frame

Is it just me, or do picture frames cost a lot nowadays? I don’t feel like they’re worth buying anymore so I’ve started making my own from any spare wood I have. Pallets make a good material to use for your own frames, but you could use any spare skirting or sideboards that you have too.

Picture Frame

Image: Pinterest

Study Desk

Now for something a little more personal. A DIY desk for your desktop computer and general working area is very satisfying. Make it however you want, to look however you want.

You could even add in a sliding keyboard shelf, a cabinet area for your computer and any extra drawers you may need. The possibilities are endless, it’s just down to what you’re after.


Image: Instructables

Hopefully this selection of ideas has inspired you enough to get going with any pallets you have lying around. If you’ve got any other ideas then please let us know and show us anything you’ve worked on in the comments below!