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How to Get Creative on A Budget

If you are looking to give your property a spruce up, or a whole fresh new look, you may be having concerns about cost. It is entirely possible to get creative on a budget without compromising on style, and this ‘how to’ guide offers some helpful tips and tricks to help you revamp your space without breaking the bank.

Reuse and Recycle

With our planet under threat due to excess waste, why not recycle unwanted items into new unique creations to garnish your home. A quick post out on social media will often unearth an array of unwanted or preloved items that can be completely transformed at a low cost. A few examples include:


Pallets are being used left, right and center in creative projects. Common uses include outdoor furniture, garden bars, bed frames, and tables among others. There are many easy to follow tutorials for pallet furniture available online, and if the furniture isn’t what you’re looking for, then they can also be easily broken up and the wood used for smaller projects such as frames or shelving. You can hit up local warehouses, supermarkets, factories, and transport firms to inquire whether they have any pallets surplus to requirements. They are large so the only hurdle you may face is collecting them.


Bottle lighting is a growing trend, ensure you use appropriate safety equipment and follow instructions when cutting glassware and installing electrical equipment. Insert string lighting or candles for a gentle glow or go all out with a full lamp fitting complete with funky shade.


Curtains like your nan used to make… well, not quite. Bed linen can be recycled to make things such as cushion covers, pet beds or curtains and, with so many vibrant and quirky designs popular today, you are sure to find something that is fresh, modern and on-trend.

Beg, Borrow and Shop Savvy

There will be some items that you do have to buy new, but shopping savvy can also save you money. DIY stores can often hold a premium price tag on things such as paints, fixtures and fitting or adhesives. Instead of heading to the retail giants, why not utilize the internet and source products at trade prices. You can, for example, buy adhesives online at a fraction of the price and shave valuable pounds off the cost of your project.

Be creative in sourcing your materials for your upcoming projects. You won’t always have to buy new, and many hidden gems can be found in charity shops, at car boot sales, on pre-loved sites or on social media selling pages. Ask friends and family if they have any unwanted wood, fabrics, bottles, jars or tools you can borrow. You may find they are happy to be relieved of them! Other options for sourcing materials include:

– Local tradesmen
– Warehouses
– Table-top sales
– Garage sales
– House clearances
– Local recycling centers

Be Imaginative

The key to being creative on a budget is your imagination. Visualize new and alternative ways to use existing objects, and take the additional time to research ways you can access what you need to transform them.

Your project may take you a little longer to complete but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that the wonderful things you create are utterly unique and were an absolute bargain!