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Eating Insects – The New Protein Fuelled Health Kick

As a health and fitness fanatic on a constant pursuit to get lean and build more muscle – I’m always on the look-out for new, guilt-free, high-protein foods. Research has shown that eating a high-protein diet offers many health benefits, including super energy levels, enhanced focus and concentration, as well as additional nutritional support for stronger bones and muscles.

I’ve filled my high-protein diet with all the muscle-building favourite foods and even invested in some of the big food trends of 2017 – but there’s a new super food movement in town, which could potentially help you get your nutritional fix without binging on big meals.

Ever heard of Entomophagy? Me neither. The term Entomophagy is derived from the Greek word for ‘insect’ and refers to the human consumption of insects, lava and insect eggs. That’s right, the practice of Entomophagy or more simply put, eating insects, has been native to many cultures since prehistoric times. However, in Western civilizations the idea remains a little alien – with most people cringing at the thought of chowing down on a bag of meal worms on their lunch break.

So, if you’re questioning, why on earth somebody would choose to eat insects? It’s time to think again. The Entomophagy movement is gaining increased awareness in the US and the UK and is not only backed my Scientists and Nutritionists but has been adopted by Body Builders and Fitness Gurus too – that’s right, eating bugs is actually good for you. It has been scientifically proven that insects and bugs have exceedingly high protein and all-round fantastic nutritional value with plenty of health benefits. Plus – this western invasion of the insect eating culture can fight malnutrition, obesity and a range of social and environmental issues across the World.



We wanted to find out a little more about eating insects as part of a balanced diet and spoke with British, brand ‘Crunchy Critters’ to see what’s on offer. Crunchy Critters are the UK’s leading suppliers of internationally sourced, varied and exclusive ready-to-eat edible insects. Their complete edible insect range includes farm raised or wild caught edible insects that have been prepared to be eaten straight from the packet. Perhaps, one of the best things about eating a primitive snack like this – it’s totally free from added colours, preservatives and MSG.

Crunchy Critters told us ‘Our insects are rich in nutrients, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and are recognized as a great source of fiber’. So, let Crunchy Critters and Man Wants take you on a guide through the best high-protein insect snacks on the market…

Crickets & Locusts

Crickets and Locusts are a popular choice when it comes to snacking on insects. At Crunchy Critters, they offer freeze-dried crickets and locusts and dehydrated/milled Cricket flour to help you get the nutritional benefits in more ways than one.

Crickets and Locusts are super high in Energy and Protein. Crickets carry more Protein than Beef Steak or Salmon with 69.1g of Protein per 100g serving. The Cricket flour can also be used in baking and cooking to deliver high protein and added nutrition to any meal.

Buffalo Worms

Cultivated on pure, vegetable based and GMP+ certified materials without the intervention of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals, Crunchy Critter’s Buffalo Worms are 100% natural and free from artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and MSG. Buffalo worms are recognized as a natural source of vitamins and minerals and are an ideal source of balanced and digestible amino acids for human nutrition.

If you’re looking to detox and treat your body to a dose of healthy vitamins, minerals and amino acids – science says, get a Buffalo Worm down ya!


Queen Leafcutter Ants

Queen Leafcutter Ants‘ are amongst the largest ants in the World, often considered a delicacy in South America. These edible ants have been researched by the University Industrial de Santander in Colombia where it was found that, their rich source of unsaturated fatty acids can aid in the prevention of high cholesterol in humans.

Crunchy critters told us ‘our energy-boosting giant ants contain around 20% protein, 33% unsaturated fat, 10% ash and 4% carbohydrates. They’re also a good source of vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and are thought to possess aphrodisiac properties, being referred to locally as ‘Copricó’ – ‘marriage food’ – potential date food?

Buffalo Worm Protein Powder

I’m no stranger to a Protein Powder or two and often supplement by protein fix with post-gym shakes. Now, Crunchy critters offer a ‘Buffalo Worm Protein Powder‘ for people hoping to max out their protein with a more versatile approach to the edible insect, movement.

The team over at Crunch Critters explained ‘technically our Buffalo Worms are not flour but ‘floured’ so they will behave differently in baked goods as opposed to wheat, coconut or nut flours.  For this reason, it’s best used in conjunction with another flour or flour substitute.  If used in large amounts it may adversely affect texture so less is more.’

But this protein rich, protein powder is completely free from additives, sugar and preservatives – unlike some other Protein Powders on the market.

Zebra Tarantula

For the daring foodie – Crunch Critters offer a canned ‘Zebra Tarantula’. This is a popular seller for charity events and ‘bush tucker trial’ style competitions. A ready-to-eat, cooked and canned Zebra Tarantula – high in protein and zinc and low in carbs – we think this would make a whopping great ‘Secret Santa’ gift for your colleague or pal – watch this space Carl….

So, there we have it – a brief guide, in collaboration with ‘Crunchy Critters’ to some of the weird and wonderful edible-insects to help you get your nutritional fix and protein pay-out.

What do you think about this movement? Fancy a try? We recommend you take-a-look at the Crunchy Critters website and find out more about their diverse range of high-protein products and edible insects! Plus – find out more on how the practice of supplementing our diets with a few bugs and insects could impact on some social and environmental issues – as well as your health!