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The Junk Food Addict that turned his Life around in less than a year

Junk food is a real body destroyer. I’m admittedly a slight health freak and I’ve not touched the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King for a very long time. However, some people get hooked on it and just can’t help themselves. 33-year-old Miro Judt suffered this, but managed to overcome it.

Miro was hooked to full sugar fizzy drinks, takeaways, crisps and chocolate. At 21 stone, he had really let himself go. Unfortunately for him, this lead to his ex-girlfriend dumping him as she couldn’t put up with his slobbish ways. It may seem harsh, but this was a real wake-up call for Miro, and set him on a path to turning himself around.

Miro Junk Food Before After

Miro as he is now to the left, compared to his old state to the right. (Image: Predator Nutrition)

To get where he wanted to be, Miro had to get back into exercising, which he’d previously given up on. On top of this a diet routine had to be put in place and the junk food was put to an end. From then on Miro stuck with fish, chicken, egg whites and protein shakes that were supplemented by products from Predator Nutrition. This combined with twice daily cardio shifts and heavy weight lifting helped Miro shift a whopping 6.5 stone in only 9 months.

Miro Victoria Selfie no more Junk food

Miro often acts as a coach for his partner, Victoria. (Image: Predator Nutrition)

Miro is quite ripped, and is truly an inspiration to us all by showing how dedication and determination can result spectacularly. His muscle physique attracted the attention of his now model partner Victoria Wilson, and he has since landed his dream job within the fitness industry. Life is great for him, and he’s earned it.

If you ever feel you’re racking on the pounds and worried that it’s getting out of hand, just remember how successful Miro has been. Treat your body right, and it’ll bring you great things.

Source: Express