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No more “Cheeky Nando’s”, as Usain Bolt brings a new chain to Town

Usain Bolt‘s athletics career may have come to a disappointing end earlier in the month, but it doesn’t seem to have put him down too much. In fact, he’s now looking ahead to his future career path in the fast food industry.

The world’s fastest man is partnered with Jamaican franchise company Franjam, and together they’re preparing to open up 15 Tracks & Records restaurants across the UK over the next 5 years. The chain provides some Jamaican cuisine favourites, and could turn out to be a real rival for the likes of Nando’s.

The chain was launched in Kingston, Jamaica back in 2011, and serves a variety of Jamaican dishes, such as jerk pork, janga soup, pan chicken, rice and peas, meat and fish crock pots, as well as Bolt’s own creation – “burgers a la Usian”. Bolt shares his excitement to be able to share some of Jamaica’s culture with the UK.

“I’m happy to be able to share a taste of the Jamaica that I know and love with the rest of the world through the opening of these restaurants across the UK.”

Tracks & Records Kingston

Inside Bolts Tracks Records in Kingston, Jamaica. (Image: Trip Advisor)

The UK is the first to feel the international expansion of Tracks & Records, with the 15 new restaurants planned to open throughout the country in the next 5 years. The food does look good, and you can see why Nando’s may have to up their game a bit.

Even though the eight-time Olympic gold medallist ended his career on a bronze in the 100m due to injury, I’m sure his next career path will be giving him a lot of success. After Bolt’s partying habits upon his retirement, I’m sure it hasn’t bothered him too much anyway.

To be fair, why should he let it put him down? The man has done very well for himself, and clearly has aspiration in multiple fields. Time to let himself recover after the hamstring cramp that caused him issues and look forward in life.

Will you be visiting Tracks & Records when it opens up in the UK? There’s no official opening dates quite yet, or the exact whereabouts they’re planning to open the restaurants, but we’ll keep you updated once we know.

Let us know your thoughts below. Do you think Nando’s will struggle with such an icon behind Tracks & Records branding?

Source: Daily Mail