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“Super Gonorrhea” is increasing around the World

Definitely not something you want to hear – the words “super” and “gonorrhea” in the same sentence. However, this “super” gonorrhea is becoming more common worldwide. 

Also known as “The Clap” in slang, gonorrhea is a sexually-transmitted bacteria. However, this “super” gonorrhea has almost no current treatment.

This is because it’s managed to build an immunity to most, if not all, antibiotics that we have to offer. Strains of this untreatable gonorrhea has shown up in Spain, France and Japan so far.



Isn’t it adorable? (Image: Medical Daily)

So why is this super gonorrhea spreading? One of the main problems is unprotected oral sex. This allows it to be transmitted from the private areas to somebody’s throat, or the other way round.

The worrying thing is that around 90% of people with it have little to no symptoms, meaning it could be passed on fairly easy. Any symptoms that do show are easily mistaken as a normal sore throat.

All of this is worth keeping in mind the next time you’re out a party or whatever. Stay safe. Oral sex is NOT “safe” sex.


Sore Throat

Sore throats may be a sign. (Image: New Health Advisor)

Without any effective treatment, gonorrhea can be naturally cleared within weeks or months. There’s no promises there though, and it can wreak some real havoc in the body.

In women it can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) leading to things such as pregnancy complications and infertility. For men, it can leave some serious pain in the testicles, infertility or even sterility.

Even worse, if left untreated the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body and become potentially life threatening.



Hold on a minute before you get these. (Image: Antibiotics-Info)

Staying protected from this super gonorrhea is a must. One thing to do immediately is dispel this notion that oral is safe sex. If you’re not sure that your partner is infected, use condoms or dental dams.

It may ruin the fun a bit, but it’s certainly more fun than catching super gonorrhea.

Another way to keep clear, is to not always automatically get your sore throats treated with antibiotics. Be clear to your doctor about your sexual history.

You and your partner should really always make sure you’re both tested and be upfront with each other about any suspected symptoms.

You may be seeing more about this super gonorrhea in the near future, as it is on the rise.

Just keep yourself protected, and take the necessary steps to keep yourself clear of it.

Source: Forbes