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What’s the best way to Rehydrate, besides Water?

What’s the best way to rehydrate after a workout leaves you drenched in sweat? You’ll likely go for the water, which is fine. But there are other fluids that can help you out.

Just because you’re dripping and your clothes are sticking to your sweaty body, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to stop just yet. You don’t want to dehydrate though.

Unless you rehydrate yourself, your body and brain will suffer and mild dehydration can slash your mood, concentration and energy levels.

Water is life. You need it in your body to live, but not all fluids are equals. Sometimes, water alone won’t be enough to get you through. It’s not just water that your body is losing.

Sporty Man Refreshing With Cold Water

Image: Speedstick

Multiple metabolites are lost, including lactate, amino acids and fats, and sodium. Sport drinks such as Gastorade contain some carbohydrate in the form of sugars and electrolytes.

The body can absorb these a lot faster than pure water, allowing a more rapid rehydration. That’s not to say water won’t work. Of course it will, but the right sports drink has its benefits also.

Kevin Durant Gatorade

Image: Gatorade

It’s not just sports drinks either, apparently Milk – especially skimmed – is a lot more hydrating than water, sports drinks, coffee, tea and many other beverages.

Personally, I’d recommend an 8-ounce glass of milk followed by water. Getting more nutrients with your water is important.

It’s really up to you what is best. If anything, just have a little food with your water to help your body absorb it faster.

What’s your favoured way of hydrating? Let us know in the comments below.