Tequila could be good for your Bones

For some, Tequila brings them joy. For those with taste, it’s can be one to avoid. However, science seems to indicate it could have some slight health benefits to it.

Despite being one of the most thirst-inducing beverages imaginable, a margarita may be better for us than we realize. Not to say it’s healthy though, because it isn’t. Drink too much you’ll suffer just as much as any other alcoholic beverage. Scientists at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico have made a significant discovery.

Tequila is made from agave plants – A plant capable of enhancing the absorption of calcium and magnesium – two elements that are responsible for healthy bones. Regardless of conditions that weaken your bones (such as osteoporosis), it will still take effect.

Blue Agave

Blue agave plants are responsible for your tequila beverages. (Image: Shutterstock)


Researchers induced osteoporosis into female mice before giving them agave fructans (polymers of fructose molecules found in the plant). Eight weeks later, they took samples to measure the mice’s absorption of minerals and presence of osteocalcin (a protein that signifies the production of new bone).

Mice that had consumed the plant ploymers synthesized almost 50% more of the bone-producing protein, and the diameter of their bones was higher than mice that weren’t given any.

Obviously downing tequila won’t be quite as effective as consuming the agave polymer extracts, but it’s probably the next best thing.

Source: Metro


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