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6 Instant Fixes for an Improved You

So, Christmas flew by in a crazy whirlwind of wrapping paper and quality street and before we knew it, 2018 landed with an uncertain thud, kind of like when you dunk a digestive too many times in your brew. Without being a total cynic, the prospect of embarking on another year can be both daunting and exciting. It’s a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and (dare, I say it) resolutions but with every year that passes, we learn new lessons and become more prepared to approach our goals.

If you’re thinking about some big new year resolutions or considering making some changes for a better, you – then, keep reading. The team at Man Wants has outlined some simple changes you can make today, that will make you healthier, richer and more stress-free in 2018.


So, 2017 was quite a journey and it’s quite surprising how much crap we can collect in 12 months. Whether it’s your wardrobe or your work-space, start a fresh and get de-cluttering. If you haven’t used or worn in in the last six months, do you really need it at all? Studies have shown that minimising clutter and organising your living-space can help eliminate anxiety and stress. We recommend the ditch, donate & make some dollar method. When sorting through stuff, choose three boxes and categorise into each. One to throw-away, one to donate to charity and one to sell online.

Decluttered Desk and Lamp


The ‘5 a day’ health mantra is championed everywhere we go. However, a survey conducted in 2017 identified that 89% of UK residents are not drinking enough water each day. It is recommended that the average person should drink 2 litres of water each day. 85% of the human brain is made up of water and keeping your H20 levels up, will increase energy levels, boost focus and eliminate fatigue. Get into the habit of getting your 2-litre water fix each day and start benefiting from an instant health boost!

Digital Detox

It’s a term you may or may not, have heard before but the ‘Digital Detox’ is becoming a heavily discussed topic in recent times. It’s 2018 and rightly or wrongly, we are living in a digitally dominated society. Social networks and other media is accessible on most devices in a heartbeat and sometimes, it can be pretty hard to switch off from the World. Frances Booth, author of ‘The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World’ offers some valuable guidance on how our commitment to social media and communications can affect our wellbeing.

Man Checking Phone

Stay productive, have some time to yourself and enhance your sleeping pattern by considering a smartphone curfew, eliminating constant e-mail checking or switching off a social network.

Work-Out without Going-Out

Last year it was predicted that £558m was wasted on unused, Gym Memberships in the UK alone. Getting the right amount of exercise does not have to come at the cost of an annual fee and a commute. Social platforms like youtube and facebook, now give us access to an extensive selection of exercise guides and work-out routines. Whether you’re taking 15 minutes or 50 minutes out of your day to get your heart-racing, it can all be done from the comfort of your living room. We like the Adam Rosante Youtube Channel for quick cardio fixes, Bodyrock for strength training and Scott Herman Fitness for muscle building.

Make Some Clever Food Swaps

Okay, so Linda from Slimming World down the road is using January as a tool to coax weight-loss hopefuls into upping her commission. Fad diets, detoxes and weight-loss programmes all rear their ugly heads in the turn of the new year – and you don’t have to sign up to some weight-loss club to start feeling healthier. The key to achieving the body you want is not about rapid weight-loss and crash diets – it’s about making a lifestyle change that you can stick to, long-term. In 2017, almost half (48%) of Brit’s who made a New Year’s Resolution pledge to lose-weight. Only 4 in 10 who vowed to lose weight, managed to make some progress by the end of the year.

Bowls of Nuts

Don’t dive in head first and set unreasonable weight-loss goals, just make some healthy food swaps. This is something you can start doing straight away and start seeing results after the first week.

Some quick swaps which will prompt weight-loss and provide you with plenty more health benefits include swapping Whole Milk for Semi-Skimmed Milk or a Dairy-Free Alternative like Soy or Almond Milk, ditching White Bread for a Wholegrain alternative and snacking on unsalted nuts instead of Crisps. There is plenty of free dietary advice online to guide you on making clever, no-effort swaps – start right away and stick to it! 

Shop Around & Save

We’re all looking for some quick fixes to help us save money and get the best value. Use the new year to evaluate the things that are costing you money every day and research ways to get it cheaper. Think about cheaper travel expenses, debating a better deal on your TV subscriptions or phone tarrif. These changes you can finalise in a day and will help you save some extra cash for the rest of the year.

Bike against a Wall

For travel we recommend finding the cheapest parking by using Just Park or the best value fuel with Petrol Prices. Vouchercloud offers heaps of vouchers for dining out, holidays and restaurants and The Energy Shop compares the best prices for utilities.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to share, feel free to comment below or visit us on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s do this!