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Chippy owner says he serves the UK’s largest portion of Fish ‘n Chips

Britain is renowned for its servings of Fish n’ Chips, but this chip shop owner thinks he servers the largest portion in the country. Casey’s Fish ‘n Chips gives us their “whale challenge”, and it certainly lives up to its name.

This challenge involves eating a 32oz haddock, 15oz chips, a bread roll and 4 sides. This serving is believed to be the largest chippy meal you can get in the UK, and it costs £11.99. It’s so intense, that only 7 people have ever actually finished it to themselves. I don’t know about you, but I’d have to get a helping hand on this one.

Fish 'n Chip Shop Owner

John Haggerston, owner of Casey’s Fish ‘n Chip shop. (Image: Mirror)

To put the size of this meal into perspective, a normal portion of fish ‘n chips is only 6oz of fish and 10oz of chips. This means the haddock for the “whale challenge” is almost five times the normal size.  The fastest this challenge has ever been beaten is a whopping 5 minutes 41 seconds, apparently. How anybody even managed that, I have no idea, but the competitive eater also finished his partner’s chips on top of it.

Casey’s Fish ‘n Chips is located in Ossett, West Yorks. Owner John Haggerston urges everybody to come down and give the challenge a shot:

“We have run the challenge in the shop for over two years but only seven people have ever completed it.

“We have had people from America come over to try it. The best score is unlikely to be beaten unless someone gets a blender!

“We get people coming in every week to try it, about ten a week. Everybody eggs each other on and there is always a great atmosphere in here.  “It was just a bit of a daft idea at first but we like to have a laugh and people love it.

“It’s always the ones who think they will beat it that fail the worst! I urge anyone to give it a go and try to complete it.”

It appears that a lot of people have their own techniques to try tackle the dish. Americans seem to go for diet fizzy drinks, believing the gas will be released quickly. Others just down a lot of slush drinks or litres of water. Sounds quite painful, to be honest.

Fish 'n Chips

The portion proves hard to stomach for most. (Image: Mirror)

Could you stomach it?

Anybody that manages to beat the challenge gets themselves a t-shirt with their face proudly framed onto the wall. That wall might not be adding any new faces any time soon though, as John seems to have plans to DOUBLE the amount of fish. This came about as some lunatics have requested that the fish be increased in size:

“I have a 72oz haddock ready for anyone who wants to take on an even bigger challenge.

“I have a competitive eater called Beard Meats Food who finished our normal challenge in just eleven minutes.

“He has told me that as soon as I can get the fish in he will finish it. I wouldn’t put it past him!”

Do you think you could tackle this monstrous portion of fish ‘n chips? If you ever give this challenege a shot, let us know! Tell us if you managed it… or if it completely ruined your digestion.

Source: Mirror