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5 Steps that will get you served at the bar faster

“All I want is a beer, for goodness sake. I’m practically waving a tenner in your face, can you please serve me?”. Sound familiar? It’s quite dampening to feel ignored at the bar, to the point you think it’ll be easier to go home via the shop. At least you don’t have to wait half an hour there (usually).

If you’re getting into this situation quite often, don’t just give up and go elsewhere. Learn the tricks of the trade. There are five simple steps that will almost always get you to the bar a lot faster than you’re used to. You may even get to the point where you insist somebody else was before you. Here is what is known as the SERVE method.

Beer at the bar

No more waiting around too long, hopefully. (Image: Rex)

Step 1: Slipstream

Observe, then place yourself behind the customers moving towards the bar fastest. Seems like common sense so far.

Step 2: Echo

Grab some glasses and a tray, and watch as people part to let you through to the bar.

Step 3: Return

Go back to the same bartender every time so they will remember your face.

Step 4: Vision

Stay in the bartender’s eye line to maximize your chances of being next. Again, common sense.

Step 5: Engage

Make friends with your fellow queuers, they might just say you’re next. Of course, this will only work if you don’t already hate everybody around you.

Beer at the bar - Cheers

Cheers! Hopefully these steps actually work. (Image: Rex)

There you have five steps that apparently get you to the front of the bar queue without fail. A common technique would usually just be to wave your money towards the bartender. However, this can prove to backfire as it seems pushy and potentially critical. Give it a shot, see if this works. Let us know in the comments how far you get.

Source: Metro