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Here’s why you shouldn’t put off showering for too long

Here at Man Wants we all love a good groom, but since lock down some of us have been skipping the odd day and not taking a shower. You aren’t alone but don’t leave it too long until you step back under that shower-head!

In general, it’s okay to skip a shower here and there. Ideally though, you want to shower every day – depending on your lifestyle. Some people can pull off every other day.

However, once you get to day three or four post-shower, there are a few gross things that can take effect that you may want to keep in mind….

It Affects your Mental State

Weirdly enough, feeling grubby a grimy can actually put you down. The longer you leave it too, the worse it could get! Now isn’t really the time you want to be losing motivation!

Even if it’s just a quick rinse, it’ll make you feel refreshed and lift your spirits back up – muck free!

You’ll Stink

Goes without saying really. If you leave it too long, the amount of deodorant you apply won’t really make much of a different. That bad body odour will make its way through.

You might think it’s not a problem if you’re on your own but there’s no doubt it will start to bother you when you suddenly get a whiff of hot dogs coming from your pits as you stretch. Yuck.

Even more Bad Hair days

Less showers will make your skin oils build up, most notably on your scalp. This could negatively affect your hair in some ways and just generally make it a bit of a mess.

Since we already covered how a lack of open barbers is going to give us a society of Viking lookalikes for the moment, bad hair days aren’t really something you want to be dealing with right now!


Everything is going to itch. From your scalp to most other sweaty bits of your body. You’d probably get used to it at first but the longer you leave it, the more it’s going to get on your nerves!

I don’t suppose many people will be about to notice your scratching your arse and crotch right now but it’s no fun when you’re doing it a bit more regularly.

If you’ve been skipping showers, don’t leave it too long. We can all smell you from here!