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The INSIDR guide to the Perfect France trip

Man Wants has collaborated with INSIDR for this article. Enjoy!

In my several years of blogging, I always appreciate every opportunity I have had to meet and share many things with others. Recently, I’ve had the chance to share with my friends at INSIDR.

If you are not familiar with them yet, INSIDR is a friendly startup based in Paris with an aim to help every traveling experience to Europe being the best one. We shared some fascinating stories about various travel destinations in Europe, and now I will share it back to you.

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. No wonder that you can find millions of things to do once you’ve arrived in the City of Light. Paris has a lot of exotic and fascinating areas within the city. You must have known already that Paris is not a small city, so if you have a limited time for your vacation here, you should plan your trip the best way you can!

One of my favorite areas is the Latin Quarter. This is the most popular quarter for students so as you can imagine, you will find a lot of places to hang out here. Besides, you can still find places like Arènes de Lutèce which is a remain from the Roman era, or the infamous Pantheon in this quarter. Download this Latin Quarter map from INSIDR to guide your way through this area!


At night, many things happen in Paris. INSIDR have a complete guide about things that you can do in Paris at night. You can pick any kind of show that you prefer, from theater to cabaret shows. I was surprised to see an article all about the Moulin Rouge. I was a bit skeptical at first but I’m glad I read it because I realised how unfair the misconceptions are about the show.

INSIDR was very detailed in their article to talk about the history of the French Cancan and also about the production and craftsmanship that takes place to keep the show running consistently. Did you know that the costumes, boots, and even the feathers that go on stage are all hand-crafted? It is absolutely amazing!

French delicacy is another unquestionable thing: it is one of the best in the world. You should use your opportunity while you’re in Paris to enjoy it as much as you could! The choice is basically unlimited, depends on your preference. From the Michelin star restaurant to the budget restaurants, you can still get the best food experience in Paris. INSIDR gave a full list of the best cheap food in Paris for budget travelers, where you can try the best French culinary with minimum cost.


Sweets are another thing that you can’t forget if you talk about France and Paris. Who would say no to one or a dozen of macaroons? Or, you could get some various flavor of crêpes as you would like. French will never go out of pastries to choose, and Paris has some of the best pastries you can get, obviously. You can even learn to make your own macaroons at the macaroons class offered by Galeries Lafayette if you are not satisfied by only eating it.

If you want a change from the business of Paris, take a two or three day to another region in France. Brittany is a region that you can take a look at. This region located to the west of Paris. Here you will see a lot of breath-taking view with a strong cultural sense. You can make a stop in any one of the charming cities in this region.

Dinan is a lovely little town in Brittany where it still feels like coming from the medieval era. Spend your afternoon by strolling along the beautiful cobbled street around town. Go to the coast of Brittany and visit the amazing Saint-Malo, a city that built on the very coast of Brittany with tall granite walls surrounding the town. If you love French’s oysters, you should move a little bit to the east from Saint-Malo, and you will get to Cancale, which also known as the capital of oysters. You can walk along with the port and enjoying nice seafood afterward. This will be an unforgettable holiday in France for you.

Does a trip to France take your fancy? Check out INSIDR for more information!

About the author: Ina Durante is a freelance content creator and writer who shares a lot about her personal anecdotes on traveling the world. After moving away from her native Philippines, she now calls Japan home.