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The Ultimate accessory guide for Man’s Best Friend

Since the dawn of man, dogs have always been at our side. It all started back in the stone age when we started to look out for each other. Over time, our mutual respect has transformed into a pretty tight and loving bond.

Every dog owner likes to treat their best friend, and we’re quite confident that a lot of you are dog lovers and owners. That got us thinking about the large amount of useful accessories that you can get for your pooch.

Here’s some of our favourite items that come in useful for dogs in a variety of different situations.

For Hot Weather

Dogs don’t really take the heat very well. In some cases, it can be lethal to them, so you should always keep your dog well hydrated and out of the extreme heat in the summer months.

To help with this, you can get cooling vests such as this one provided by Ruffwear. The sizes range all the way from XXS to XL, so almost all breeds are accounted for. All you need to do is add water to the vest and then ring it out. Once you’ve done this, fit it to your dog and of they go!

Once all the water has evaporated all you need to do is repeat this process. Who’d have thought you could get a water-activated cooling system for your dog?! This vest is great for those summer hiking trips and general everyday use when it gets toasty outdoors.

Buy now on Amazon – Ruffwear Cooling Vest

Ruffwear Cooling Vest

Image: Ruffwear / Amazon

For Cold Weather

It’s not just people that get cold in the rain and snow. Your dog may have a fur coat, but sometimes that extra bit of padding goes a long way. MIGOHI do the perfect reversible coat to keep your pooch warm and dry on those grotty autumn and winter walks.

One side is a plaid side for when it’s cold but dry, but if you want a bit of water proofing just reverse the coat to get a snugly water resistant layer. If your dog isn’t a fan of the cold and wet weather than this would be perfect, and as long as you measure your dog first then the sizing will be perfect.

Buy now on Amazon – MIGOHI Reversable Dog Coat


Image: MIGOHI / Amazon

For Free Runners or Leadless Walks

Not every good boy or girl, is strictly speaking a good boy or girl all the time. Sometimes our dogs like to let themselves loose and have a quick adventure without us. Whether it’s by fault of our own or if they got crafty and escaped, it doesn’t matter, finding them is what does matter.

Don’t worry, tracktive have their own GPS tracker for your dog (quite useful for cats too it’s worth noting) so if you do find they’ve made a runner, all you need to do is check your the tracktive app. The tracker just clips on to your pets collar and is lightweight and waterproof, so it should always be working and doesn’t restrict your dog if you choose to leave it on at all times.

There’s quite a few cool features that come with this tracker too. You can set an “invisible fence”, so if your dog leaves a certain area you’ll be notified. It also has an activity monitor so you can keep track of your dogs fitness!

Buy now on Amazon – Tractive GPS Tracker for Pets

Tracktive GPS Tracker

Image: Tracktive / Amazon

Now for the Luxuries…

Now on to some of the more luxurious items for dogs… because, why not?!


If you’re feeling the need to splash out on something extra special for your dog, then you should definately check out Paxleys. Paxleys felt there wasn’t much existing choice in showing off your dog’d personality, so they’ve taken it into their own hands to give a wide range of brilliant products.

This includes the likes of collars, leads, harnesses, beds, toys… even bow ties! You can even save money as a returning customer with their loyalty program. On top of that, they’ll give you money off if you send them a picture of your dog using their product and it gets shared across their social media channels.

Head over to Paxleys for more.

Paxleys Bow Ties

Image: Paxleys


The menswear brand Pockets offers some great products for your dog as well as you. For example, this Paul Smith designed “Swirl” Print leather lead gives walkies a bit of style.

If you’re after taking your dog out and looking great at the same time, Pockets is the place to go.

Head over to Pockets for more.

Paul Smith Lead

Image: Pockets

Do you have any great accessories that you’ve found useful for your dog(s)? Drop us a comment and let us know!