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Man Wants Guide: Online Dating Tips for Men

In terms of relationships, online dating is a relatively new thing. But a huge boom in social media sites and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Plenty of Fish means that you could find a potential life-partner by flicking through pages of profiles whilst sat on the loo (ahh, sweet romance).

Love it or hate it, dating apps are often the first call for singletons and with an estimated 50 million people using Tinder alone – it’s a little trickier to stand out from the crowd, get that match and secure a date.

Alison, our resident lady-guru and dating expert, talks us through some online dating tips for men, which will seriously up your digital dating game.

The Best Dating App for You

Okay, there’s a hundred dozen of dating apps on the market at the moment – but how do you choose the right dating app for you? Tinder is the most popular choice for many and it does offer endless possibilities but is it going to get you noticed? There’s plenty of fresh dating apps emerging that have been designed to suit individual needs.

A Dating App like ‘Now’ is excellent for those who have a hectic lifestyle and struggle to balance a busy schedule. With ‘Now’ you just input what kind of date you’re looking for and select your availability – it will send you on a blind date with someone who’s also free and shares the same interests, within your local area.

Other apps include ‘Sweatt’ and ‘The Dating Circuit’ for men and women who enjoy working out, ‘Hater’ where you can connect with people who have passionate dislikes, ‘Twin God’ and ‘Date my Pet’ for animal lovers and ‘Jigtalk’ for the gaming kind! If you explore dating apps which suit your personality, requirements and character then surely you’re going to narrow down your options to find a more fitting love match…

Choose a Photo

The photo is the first thing people will see when they view your dating profile, so it’s got to be a good one! Profile photos for dating apps are there to showcase you, your personality, your interests and above all – start a conversation. With this in mind, there’s some simple rules you should keep in mind when choosing a snap for your dating profile.

Avoid selfies on dating profiles. Sure, selfies are a great choice if you want to snap a photo of yourself at the right angle in the right light, but what do they really say about you? A bathroom mirror selfie isn’t going to offer a lot of insight into who you are. Research has shown that daters who upload photos of them, which have been taken by other people in an interesting setting are much more likely to get a match. After all, it shows you get out and about and do stuff! And everyone loves an adventurer.

Smile. It may seem like an obvious one but your expression tells a lot about you. A smile will give your face that softer, more approachable essence that will prompt the ladies to want to talk to you. Show off those pearly whites!

Make sure you’re the only one in the photo. Finding the right match takes a lot of time. If you upload a photo of you with your family, friends or football team – how is the potential love match going to know which one you are?! This is one of the most common faux pas.

Don’t flash them. We’ve all seen them, the girls and guys who upload a photo of themselves in their swimwear on the beach or half-naked at the gym. Is it attractive? It might be. Is it appropriate? Probably not. Give your dater an insight into your personal style, rather than the dimensions of your abs. Some things should be left to the imagination… for a couple of dates at least.


When it comes to online dating, there’s one thing you need to remember – we’re all in the same boat. Nobody likes game-playing, so why do we feel so inclined to do it? Sure there’s keeping it cool but don’t keep your date hanging on for replies and don’t mess with them. It’s just not cool. Stay genuine and real and if you’re not feeling it, then that’s just fine.


“Hey, you okay?” “Hi, how was your day?” “Hello, thanks for matching with me.” “Hi.” “Hello.” “Hola” – change the record. You’ve finally plucked up the courage to speak to your match and your first line dishes out just about as much spark and charisma to send the girl into a coma.

Online dating greetings need to ignite conversation – so starting a convo with a question, will often prompt a response. You see that your match is at a festival or on holiday in their photo. Ask them, ‘Have you been travelling? That landscape looks insane’ ‘Which festival are you at there? I’m heading to Leeds Festival this Summer’.

Talk like you would everyday

Would you ever approach a woman in the supermarket and say ‘You are so sexy, do you want to come to my house?’ Absolutely not. Always talk to people when using dating apps like you would in person.

Forward sexting will never secure you a date, it will just guarantee a screengrab from the girl, who will then forward the creepy message onto her friends. Be positive and informal – it’s not a job application, it’s just a chat.

Set a date

You’ve got a match, you’ve been chatting for a couple of days – it’s time to set a date. Remember that dates don’t always need to be dinner or the cinema. Informal hangouts are often the best kind of dates – think of places which will help drive conversation, theme parks, the zoo and other fun activities will break the ice and give you something to bond over.

We hope that our guide to online dating for men, has helped you identify ways to get a date and board the digital dating scene.

Always remember that online dating is a platform to meet new people but never compromise on who you are, what you like and what kind of person you are looking for.

If you stay strong in your ideas and aims, it will help you to keep a clear head and find the perfect match.