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13 of the Best Free Mobile Apps every man needs on his phone

Since the introduction of the ‘smartphone’ the common man has been on the hunt of useful apps to download to his phone. We’ve become rather reliant on iPhone apps and Android apps with applications for organisation, fitness and fun – keeping our phones busy and our lives in check.

I don’t think there’s a smartphone in our office that isn’t equipped with Google Maps, Whatsapp or Spotify. Plus – with tons of apps for social networking (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and a bunch of apps for dating (Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish) we’ve become even more absorbed by the clever little, smartphone.

With apps available at a click of a button – it begs the question Which apps is my phone missing? What are the best apps for iPhone? What are the best apps for android? What are the best apps for men? We decided to research this a little further and we’ve found 13 of the ‘The Best Free Mobile Apps that every guy needs on his phone!’ This is not a drill, these apps will help every man get organised, social and happy with a collection of FREE apps available now on iPhone and Android. Go, Go, Go!


An app for better smartphone photography!

Are you an Instagram addict? Or an iPhone photographer? Snapseed is a fantastic little app which will help you get that impressive aesthetic of a professionally taken photograph without the heavy camera! Snap a photo on your smarthphone and upload to the free Snapseed app, where a collection of cool filters and photo editing tools will help you to create striking images from your Android or iPhone!

Slacker Radio

The best music, anywhere, anytime, any device

Slacker Radio is a music streaming app designed for men on the move. This awesome little app is great for music lovers who want to discover new music or get nostalgic with some old tunes. The Slacker Radio app for mobile devices, has several stations dedicated to a specific music genre – just flick through and let the good times roll! The perfect app fora hectic commute or gym session!

Mr. Porter

The essential shopping app, that no man should be without

Plenty of high-street stores and designers have introduced a shopping app to allow you to shop their la

test collections from the comfort of your mobile phone. As part of the Net-A-Porter group, Mr. Porter takes all your favourite men’fashion retailers and allows you to shop them from one very special, free app! Mr. Porter not only allows guys to shop for stylish clothes & accessories but provides you with men’s style and design inspiration to update your wardrobe without all the effort.


The King of Drink Recipes for all mobile devices

Okay, now imagine Tom Cruise in that iconic eighties movie ‘Cocktail’…pretty cool huh? Now picture yourself, throwing a cocktail shaker in the air, pouring it out into a martini glass and kicking back at home, cell-phone in hand….it’s the dream, we hear you! Mixology is a free app that’s packed with tons of cocktail and drink recipes for the social guy who just loves a Cosmopolitan. Available on all mobile devices, Mixology even allows you to enter the ingredients you have at home and will suggest exciting cocktail recipes to impress….we’ll take that one shaken, not stirred!

My Fitness Pal

Free Calorie Counter & Diet Plan App

My Fitness Pal is a free fitness app, loved by many athletes and personal trainers. Our sports editor, Tom Finn swears by it for calorie counting and sticking to fitness plan. If you’re looking to lose weight or bulk muscle, My Fitness Pal, will make sticking to a diet plan so much easier. This great diet app even has a daily food diary and allows you to scan the barcode on popular foods. You can even use it to link with your gym buddies and fitness friends for a little added peer-pressure when working towards your body goals…


5* Traffic & Navigation App for Android.

Navmii is a helpful traffic & navigation, free app for android users which uses ‘real-time’ live traffic information to provide you with the quickest route, always. Navmii also uses voice-guided navigation, local search points and high definition maps from over 150 countries across the globe. Plus – you don’t need the internet to use this traffic app as it works on standard GPS systems. A free sat-nav? We’ll take it!

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Super Seasonal, Super Delicious Celebrity Recipe & Cooking App

Fancy having an award-winning celebrity chef coming around to your house to knock you up a fancy meal? Well with the ‘Jamie Oliver’s Recipes’ free app, you can. This free cooking app for iPhone and iPad, gives the user fresh new recipes every week – complete with videos from the celebrity chef himself – A must-have app for foodies!


Get Organised. Work Harder. Remember Everything

Evernote is a revolutionary, new organisation app for busy, business men and creatives. Designed to help you organise projects, work towards deadlines and communicate ideas – Evernote will sync with all your other devices, so you can start a task on your computer and switch to your phone when on the go! Evernote can also be used as part of team, so your project can be completed with everyone on the same page. Get organised & inspired – Evernote is a free app & a real life-changer…


An app to manage finances, bills & money

Balancing bills & budgets is never simple but with ‘Mint’ the free app to fix your finances, it is. Mint will sync with your bank account and keep tabs on your budget. You can view your incomings & outgoings on one helpful dashboard and assess your own credit score. If you’re concerned about personal data & security, you don’t have to worry – Mint is a super secure app which utilises multi-factor, security precautions to prevent any unwanted access to your finances.


Buy, Sell, Discover and Share

Bargain hunters rejoice! Depop is an awesome shopping app for fashion-forward men, looking for a stylish steal! Unlike ‘ebay’, which has become over-saturated with second-hand handbags and tired tailoring – Depop features only the best in thrifted fashion items for guys with style. Regarded as a creative community, Depop allows you to buy, sell, swap and chat with other trend-driven dudes from across the World. Looking for a rare fashion brand? or a sold-out sneaker? Try Depop for hidden fashion gems to transform your wardrobe on the cheap.


Discover Beers

A free app for your phone, that rewards you badges for drinking beer?! Untappd is a community app which helps you rate and review beers from around the World, as well as exploring pubs and brewery’s in your local area. This fantastic app lets you keep tabs on your favourite beers, notifies you when much-loved pubs & bars get in new ales and connects with other people who share the common interest. Plus – the more beers you try and the more venues you visit, the more badges you are rewarded! SOLD.


A bookmarking app for the busy man

Pocket is an app which enables you to put articles, videos, images and more into your ‘pocket’ and save for later. Pocket takes the bookmarks from all browsers and pops them into this useful little app for browsing at your convenience. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, Pocket collaborates with other social networks and apps to save your interests in one place! Customise your feed with this functional free app for all smartphones.


Powerful edits made simple

Looking to make some cool video shorts from your iPhone footage? Splice is a nifty little video editing app for iPhone and iPad users. It’s free, easy to use and allows you to edit video and custom audio with special editing techniques & transitions. As a free app for iPhone this really gives some professional editing softwares a run for their money!

We hope that our exploration of ‘13 of the Best Free Mobile Apps every Guy needs on his phone!’ has inspired you to make the most of the app-store and download some clever little apps to help you win at life.

If you have any other suggestions for free mobile apps or potentially exciting apps for men, then we’d love to hear them! Please comment below and we’ll get back to you once we’re done earning beer badges on Untappd!