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NASA gives us some stunning GoPro footage during a Spacewalk

NASA does a good job of providing us with amazing photography that is quite literally out of this world. As we further into the space age, more and more of this type of media is being shown to us at a much higher quality. Commander of the International Space Station that currently orbits our Earth, Shane Kimbrough, gives us a taste of what it’s like.

Spacewalks are no safe task, if anything goes wrong then it could your demise. Space suit malfunctions could suffocate you, speeding bits of debris in orbit could penetrate you, breakaway pieces of equipment may be weightless but they could still carry enough momentum to crush you. Apart from that though, it’s quite a spectacular view.

On the morning of 24th March (2017), Commander Kimbrough and fellow flight engineer Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency, had a 6 hour manual job. However, the views made it worth every second and they captured most of it on their GoPros for us all to see. Over 250 miles high in the sky, the astronauts were mainly carrying out electrician work such as laying cables and re-configuring the station for the arrival of commercial crews sometime in 2018 or 2019.

This was Kimbrough’s fifth spacewalk and Pesquet’s second. I’m pretty sure it won’t be their last either. I take it they would use any excuse to get back out their and experience the free flight of space.

Source: Time