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Google Street View now takes us to Space

Google Street View really is an amazing feature. You can get right down to nearly any street in the world, and see how it looks as if you were there.

I’ve spent hours roaming on different streets around the world. All the way from the exotics of Hawaii, through to the tiny jungles on Christmas Island.

As long as the Google Car has been there to get the photos, you can see it. Google seem to have their sites beyond our planet’s surface though.

Google Street View ISS Front View

(Image: Google)

Teaming up with NASA, you can now view the International Space Station in a full 360 degrees. It’s currently orbiting 400km above the Earth’s surface, so you can imagine the views.

All 15 modules of the station are present. There’s also interactive annotations on key rooms and equipment. Facts and trivia about the ISS are also there to browse through.

This release was to commemorate 48 years since the first manned mission to the moon, which took place on the 20th July 1969.

The ISS has been orbiting the Earth since 1998, and has had a constant of six crew members at a time. It travels at a whopping speed of 17,150mph, meaning it will carry out a single orbit every 90 minutes.

Looks like I know what I’m doing for the next few hours.

If you’re sad enough, you can visit this site to see where the ISS is right now!

See the ISS in Google Street View now!