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5 of the Best BBQ Recipes for a Proper British Barbecue!

When it comes to BBQ season we’re abolishing frozen burgers and processed hot-dogs! Boss the BBQ with 5 of the Best BBQ Recipes for a Proper British Barbecue!

From Beer Can Chicken to Chilli & Lime King Prawns, our BBQ recipes take inspiration from all over the World – with no nonsense preparation. Let the good times roll…the King of the BBQ is here!

Beer Can BBQ Chicken

Nothing beats a BBQ and a Beer! This BBQ Beer Can Chicken combines two of our greatest, summertime pleasures in one delicious recipe. Prep time starts the night before, for less kitchen time when the sun is shining.


A few cans of Golden or Pale Ale (Check out our Ale recommendations)

Chilli Powder

Mustard Powder

A little crushed Garlic

A dash of Parika

½ Teaspoon of Sugar (Preferably Muscovado)

A Medium Chicken

160g of Butter

Salt & Pepper


To make the marinade, mix 75ml of your favourite ale with the chilli, mustard, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper & sugar. Keep mixing until it forms a light paste. Rub this paste over the chicken and leave it to marinade over night in around 500ml of Ale.

Preheat the BBQ or oven to 190c and remove the chicken from the marinade. Pat the chicken with tissue to remove marinade and excess oil. Use the butter to rub into the skin of the chicken and around the thighs.

Using a 300ml beer, open the can and place the chicken on top. So that the chicken is placed upright. Use the marinade and any fat to baste the chicken at regular intervals. For better results this would work better in a BBQ with a lid.

Roast the Beer Can BBQ Chicken for 45 minutes, until cooked and set aside to rest for 15 minutes. Serve with crusty bread and salad.

Barbecue Harrissa Halloumi Kebabs

Believe it or not, there’s more to a BBQ than just meat. You can barbecue just about everything but we’ve been taking inspiration from the Greeks with some BBQ Halloumi Kebabs. Once you’ve tasted grilled halloumi, there’s just no going back…


A little Olive Oil

Harissa Paste

Crushed Garlic


A couple of Peppers

Red Onions

Cherry Tomatoes


Remove the Halloumi from the packet and drain the excess water. Cube the halloumi and set aside. Dice the peppers and onions and halve the cherry tomatoes.

In a separate bowl stick in one tablespoon of Harissa paste and the equivalent to two cloves of garlic paste (fresh garlic will work too but make sure that the cloves have been peeled and crushed). Mix the paste and the garlic together and splash in 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Mix the vegetables in with the marinade and leave to marinade for around 30 minutes. Now, skewer up the halloumi and vegetables – making sure you alternate the ingredients. When ready, pop on the medium heat BBQ and turn occasionally. After about 6-8 minutes, when the vegetables are nicely charred – they’re ready to chow down on! These Barbecue Harissa Halloumi Kebabs are perfect served with a light dip like Tzatziki!

Southern BBQ Beef Brisket

Yeeehahh! Summer BBQ’s always need Barbecue sauce and which better place to take inspiration from, than Southern America! This slow-cooked BBQ Beef Brisket, marinated in a BBQ sauce will give you Southern Steakhouse satisfaction from the comfort of your humble, British garden. Buckle up.


A splash of Tabasco Sauce (of course)

Worcestershire Sauce

Dijon Mustard & Mustard Powder


Brown Sugar

Fresh Garlic

An Onion

A bit of dried thyme


Chilli Powder & Flakes

Lemon Juice


A Bay Leaf

A thick cut of Beef Brisket

Beef stock


The night before: Mix together 2 tablespoons of chilli powder with an equal measure of mustard powder, a table spoon of paprika, cumin, black pepper, caster sugar and a bay leaf. Add a dash of salt and mix to create a rub. Rub the mix onto the meat and set aside in a roasting tin.

Dice the onion, peel and crush three garlic cloves and fry in a pan with a little oil. Once soft add 500ml of ketchup, 100ml of Worcestershire sauce, 25ml of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a dash of malt vinegar, a sprinkle of dried thyme, 2 table spoons of mustard and a table spoon chilli flakes. Add an extra table spoon of tabasco sauce and mix.

Cover the meat with 500ml of beef stock and half of the BBQ sauce. Cover with tin foil and leave to marinade for the night.

BBQ time. Get the BBQ up to a good, steady temperature, around 150c. Take the beef from the roasting tin and place on the BBQ. If your BBQ has a lid, close it for better results. Turn the beef ten minutes in and cook for around 20 minutes in total. The meat will appear charred. Remove the beef after 20 minutes and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Slice the Beef Brisket and serve with the remaining Barbecue sauce.

BBQ Rum Pineapple

BBQ’s are best for sweet treats too! Get that summer feeling with fresh fruit, infused with rum and grilled to perfection.


A fresh pineapple

A splash of your favourite rum (preferably dark)

A little brown sugar

A sprinkle of cinnamon

Ground Ginger


½ teaspoon of cloves

Vanilla or Coconut Ice-Cream


Peel the pineapple, remove the centre and cut into rings. Place the pineapple rings into a dish and in a separate bowl mix the rum, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Pour three quarters of the marinade over the pineapple and leave to soak. Keep the remaining marinade. Minimum marinade time – 1 hour.

Pop the BBQ on a high heat and cook the pineapple ring on the BBQ for 15 minutes. Turning over once at half time. Serve with the remaining marinade and a scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream.

BBQ Chilli & Lime King Prawns


1kg King Prawns, umpeeled with heads removed

Fresh Garlic

A Handful of Roughly Chopped Coriander

1 Chopped Red Chilli

2 Limes

200g butter


The night before: Peel 1 large garlic clove and cut the coriander and chilli. Juice one lime and put the juice, coriander, chilli and garlic in a dicer. Blitz the ingredients together to a salsa consistency. Take a couple of trable spoons and toss with the fresh prawns. Pop the prawns in the fridge. Add the softened butter to the mixture and pulse until all ingredients are combined.

Once the ingredients are mixed, remove the mixture and place on tin-foil on a tray. Rub the mixture until it forms and roll into a long sausage shape. Put the mixture in the freezer to harden.

The BBQ: Fire up the BBQ to a steady heat around 150c and place the prawns on the grill. Cook the prawns for 3 minutes each side until they turn pink. Take thin slice of the frozen marinade and melt over the prawns. Melt the remaining butter and serve with the prawns and wedges of fresh lime.

Got any favourite BBQ recipes of your own? Drop us a comment and let us know!